Marvel Casting: UPDATE Luke Cage and Agents of SHIELD, Iron Fist addressed

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It’s been an incredible week for Marvel News! From Jessica Jones to Agent Carter trailers to the Civil War trailer we have a lot to be thankful for going into the mid-season finale for Agents of SHIELD and finishing out Jessica Jones on Netflix.  While waiting for the last two episodes of Agents of SHIELD and preparing for Agent Carter, let’s take a look at casting announcements and news that to speculate over during the break.



According to an with Jeph Leob on, there hasn’t been any change in the development of Iron Fist.  It was previously speculated that Iron Fist would be replaced with a Punisher television series.  “There has never been any change in the status of Iron Fist.” said Leob.  He also expressed numerous positive statements about the aspirational humor of the Marvel Television lineup, from Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD to Jessica Jones. “In a world that, right now, can be very confusing, and there are some real villains out there.   If we can tell stories that inspire people that can only be a good thing.”

Iron Fist, AKA Daniel Rand, is a superhero who can channel his chi and use it in his martial arts practice.  The character first appeared in Marvel Premiere in 1974.  He then teamed up with Luke Cage in the Title “Power Man and Iron Fist.” where the two formed the group Heroes for Hire. Is it likely that we’ll possibly get more information about Daniel Rand in Luke Cage? Only time will tell.



It’s been reported that Sonia Braga has been cast as Soledad Temple, Claire Temple’s mother for Marvel’s Luke Cage. Not only does this represent an awesome development of a previously minor character, Soledad Temple represents a new addition to the MCU.  Claire Temple, aka the Night Nurse, was previously a singular character who was cast as the love interest in Luke Cage.  Claire’s development and the addition of backstory represents something new added to the marvel zeitgeist.

Sonia Braga’s credits include Kiss of the Spider Woman, Alias, American Family, and The Cosby Show.  Welcome Sonia to the MCU!



According to the website denofgeek, Natalia Cordova has been cast as the first official “Secret Warrior” Yo-Yo Rodriguez in Marvel’s Agents of Shield.  Yo-Yo Rodriguez was given the code name Slingshot and is an important member of Daisy Johnson’s secret warrior’s team.  She’s one of the few speedsters – super fast runners – in the comics and the second official one in the Cinematic Universe.

Yo-Yo Rodriguez was the daughter of John Horton the super criminal.  She somehow gained super speed through her father’s mutated DNA.  She can run at fast speeds but she has to return to the exact place she started from, which could make for extremely interesting drama on the series.  You can read more about Slingshot Here.

Natalia is best known for her role on McFarland USA. 

Congratulations to everyone who was cast, and congratulations to us! We certainly have a lot to be thankful for as Marvel fans this Holiday season.  Excited for these casting announcements? Theories about how they’ll be introduced? Tell us in the comments below!

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