Agents of SHIELD 3.19 Review: “Failed Experiments”

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Tonight’s episode of Agents of SHIELD, rightly titled, “Failed Experiments,” shows us more than just one example of an experiment gone wrong, as well as the extent to which our SHIELD family is willing to go to save, protect, and rescue the ones they love.

As of now, Daisy remains under Hive’s control, but it is seems that she still has a lot of her personality with her, still. Throughout the episode, it’s revealed that Daisy still very much cares for her SHIELD family, except now, through Hive’s control, she wants to make them into something they’re not.

Failed Experiment #1

The overarching plot of the episode is explored through Hive’s master plan of wanting to create more Inhumans out of normal humans. In order to do so, Hive first experiments on Hydra operatives, but that experiment doesn’t end well. It’s then that he realizes that, in order to alter the DNA of regular humans to make them Inhuman, he needs living Kree blood.

I personally really enjoy when the show dives deeper into Hydra and Inhuman mythology – which, as we continue to learn, are very much intertwined. We know from previous episodes that Inhumans themselves were failed Kree experiments, as shown in Hive’s flashback at the beginning of the episode.

Failed Experiment #2

In order to possibly free Daisy from Hive’s control, FitzSimmons are working on a serum that works as an antidote to Hive’s powers on Inhumans. In order to make sure the antidote works properly, they need to test it on a live Inhuman, take a DNA sample from that Inhuman, and then inject it with Hive’s parasites to see if the Inhumans’ DNA rejects the parasites. Immediately, Lincoln volunteers to test the antidote, but Coulson and Fitz agree that the dangers are far too serious and could result in his death if they’re not too careful. “You’re being a lovesick fool trying to make a grand gesture,” says Simmons about Lincoln wanting to volunteer for the serum.


When he finds his chance, Lincoln of course finds the serum and injects it into his arm. He collapses and is put into quarantine due to his immune system failing. Simmons informs him that his body rejected the antidote, and that anything as little as a sneeze might kill him due to his weakened system.

Failed Experiment #3

Hive, using ancient Kree tech, summons two Kree Reapers – or warriors – to earth since he knows he needs their blood in order to turn humans into Inhumans. When the Kree Reapers arrive, they’re not playing nice, and the fight scenes that unfold between Daisy and a Reaper and Hive and a Reaper are awesome. In this episode we get to see Daisy utilize her powers quite often, and even though she’s a pawn of the bad guy, her actions scenes are cool nonetheless.

A Shield team, led by Agents Mack and May arrive and do what they can to thwart Hive’s plan. Agents of SHIELD has done an amazing job lately and in past seasons of really playing one some of the more emotional, character-driven moments, and this episode didn’t hold back. Mack did everything he could to convince Daisy that there was still a part of her left inside of her that did not want to be controlled by Hive. It was a touching, heartbreaking moment, that was highlighted by Mack’s realization that maybe, just maybe, there is no Tremors left inside of Daisy, after all.

Although Mack gets severely injured, he is successful is destroying the Kree body that Hive was using to get blood from to complete his experiment. At the end of the episode, however, it’s revealed that, even though Hive’s plan of using the blood of living Kree to change humans failed, Daisy remembers another way to get Kree DNA – through her. Coulson used Kree DNA to save her from dying after she was shot, and Daisy volunteers herself to be “drained,” in order for Hive to get the Kree DNA he needs.

Other Great Moments

  • I am a huge FitzSimmons fan, so their brief discussion on their past relationships was rather hilarious.
  • Another favorite moment from the episode was when Director Coulson referred to Daisy as “highly trained spy.” Daisy has come a long way since we first met her in season one – going from orphaned computer hacker, to agent of SHIELD, to Inhuman, to highly-trained spy. I love character development, and Daisy has experienced a lot of it. Kudos to Chloe Bennett for her portrayal of such an awesome character.
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