Marvel Tsum Tsum: First Impressions

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Marvel Tsum Tsum is a mobile game from The Walt Disney Company (Japan), Marvel, and mixi (Japanese social networking service as well as smartphone game provider) that was released back on August 31, 2016. I’ve been playing the game on and off for almost a month now and it has definitely been entertaining. I’m really not that far into the game as this type of game requires a lot of attention and quick finger movements, but I’m excited to see my progress going forward.

You start the game with Iron Man as your player Tsum Tsum and the game itself is a connect 3+ style of puzzle, not entirely sure what I’d call that. But essentially, you connect 3 or more of the same character to remove them from the screen and earn points. Once you connect 7 or more you create a bomb which, upon activation, will remove the Tsums from the area surrounding the bomb. Then you have your main character Tsum, that you can change at any time, and once you line up and remove them it fills their power meter. Once full you can unleash a power attack that is character specific to remove a number of Tsums depending on the ability. There is another meter called the Mega Charge that fills up as you clear Tsums and once fills gives you bonus points as you clear more characters. Once the level is over bonuses are awarded if you still have an unused ability, typically a random character is removed from the stage granting bonus points, and then it goes to the score screen where it determines your star ranking for the level and grants ISO-8 for each star.

Finally there are boss battles where you take on another character Tsum. Now in these levels you clear Tsums to deal damage to the opposition while they are on a timer to deal damage to you. Here bombs and abilities are key so build huge chains and you get heal bombs which damage the enemy as heal you at the same time. Then there is also the Rush meter, which it’s essentially the Mega Charge of the boss battles where it freezes your enemy’s attack bar and you have a few seconds of extra damage. Be sure to keep your health high to earn more stars as well.

I still have a few more features to test out here and there but be sure to check back here for when I do get to those sections of the game.

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