Marvel Offers Marvelous Twist On Holiday Tradition With “Fireside” Videos

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Marvel’s creativity and creative marketing is unmatched.

Simple and to the point. From employing lifestyle blogger JustJenn to create recipes and treats (you can check out some of her Marvel and Star Wars creations at her website Here, To Thwip, hosted by social media VP Ryan Penagos and Marvel social media maven Lorraine Cink (check out video Here) The house of ideas has a million and one ideas on how to sell their products to the public.

Their latest is a classic twist on a Holiday tradition.  The winter atmosphere traditionally necessitates a fireplace (obviously) and Christmas celebrations can occasionally involve a “yule” log.  The Yule log was a large block of wood traditionally selected to be burned on Christmas Eve in many European countries.  While some families might actually continue the tradition of burning yule logs for their Christmas celebrations, many people will simply watch Yule logs on television.  The Gospel music channel will offer a digital yule log for individuals who live in warmer climates (or people who don’t have fire places) and overlay it with christmas music, while Netflix offers a streaming yule log for consumption.

Here at The Marvel Report we’re more of a fan of these Yule Logs. Marvel released a collection of holiday themed fireplaces for our favorite avengers suitable for playing while you open up your own Christmas presents or simply enjoy an evening at home.

You can get cozy with Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, The Guardians of the Galaxy (probably my favorite one) and Kamala Khan (no, wait this is my favorite. I can’t choose!) in their apartments with their fire places.  Each video runs for about an hour which gives you plenty of time to spot the adorable Easter Eggs the house of ideas has interspersed in each little mini film.

Perfect set up for the holidays, gift giving, and opening presents right? Tell us your favorite in the comments below and share your favorites with Marvel on social media if you happen to add them to your holiday traditions. Might we suggest sipping an ice cold coke in front of these roaring digital fires?  You can watch the full list of them on Marvel’s Youtube channel Here. (Hey guys, maybe change it up next year? I’d love to see Deadpool’s fireplace, Spider-Gwen’s Maybe even Frank Castle’s just as an idea?)

(PS: Sadly Kamala’s fireside is number 2 as the Guardians of the Galaxy fireplace comes with it’s own holiday music.  Sorry Kamala. You’re still my favorite hero!)

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