Legion Media Is Out There And It’s Perfectly Mind-Blowing

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There’s a lot of media coming out about Legion, and it’s prudent to bring it up in the push for the series (coming February 8th.) In addition to posters, trailers, and speculation Legion isn’t being shy with the digital media.  Their marketing is incredibly impressive, gorgeous visuals create an astounding alternate reality we are invited to experience.

FX released 5 trailers detailing the world that star David Haller inhabits.  They range from the twisted to the mundane and give us more of a look at Haller’s character.  From the nature of how reality tends to shift on him to how the government doesn’t seem to believe he’s mentally ill (Do they know something we don’t? perhaps!) Furthermore a character that appears rather frequently is Hamish Linklater, also known as “the Interrogator.” He makes repeated appearances in these clips revealing a grim agenda – and a very dark history.

What do these clips tell us in detail? What is it that they offer in regards to the future or glimpses of what the show might deal with?


From the onset David’s reality has been shifting and he has had very little understanding of what his abilities entail.  With characters like his sister it can be assumed that he’s been this way since childhood which leaves him with a very different grasp on reality then the rest of us.


This one admittedly worries me  While David is not mentally ill, how his illness is portrayed will be broadcast and seen.  The idea of a mentally ill person being tortured and manipulated is one that multiple stories deal with, and while Noah Hawley and Marvel Television have said they are taking the utmost care with the material it remains to be seen.  Just because the government does not believe that person is mentally ill does not mean the fact that their grasp on reality is considerably different and deserves a degree of respect.


Straight up, David is on everybody’s watch list.  While the synopsis hints at everyone wanting a piece of David Haller as well as the government, the only thing that can be assumed is the notion of “why”. It has been confirmed that David is Charles Xavier’s son.  What defines power and will his mental instability, real or imagined have any impact or effect on it? Only time will tell. Check out the  remaining trailer below and see if you see – what we see.

What do you think? Are you excited about Legion?  Tell us what you think of the first foray of the X-Men into the Marvel Universe small screen. Legion Drops February 8th 2017.

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