The Marvel Reporters’ Commentary on the April 2017 Marvel Solicits

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Kat – Looks like Miles’ mother will FINALLY find out about Miles’ spider world! Hopefully this will improve her character so she can act more like her Ultimate Universe counterpart.

Jay – This has me interested based on recent talk about Miles remembering the Ultimate Universe.


Jay – This has me interested because Osborn is the focus not the Goblin.


Kat – I wonder if the X-Men will look different in this reality. I’m really excited to see how Annie will end up meeting up with the X-Men.

Tatiana – Annie attending Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters? Teaming up with X-Men? This I’ve got to see!

Jay – Finally! We are exploring the world of Renew Your Vows, and I love the X-Men named, very classic!


Kat – This looks to be another great story arc to test Gwen’s character.

Tatiana – I haven’t been as invested in Gwen’s dealings with Matt Murdock, but now I’m excited to see what important new character will be introduced and who her “scariest villain yet” is.

Jay – I think it is about time we really explore Gwen’s world more, and she gets some real villains of her own.


Kat – They should have planted the seeds for Eddie Brock in the first issue.

Blaise – Eddie Brock is back, that will be super fun to read! It will be interesting to see the return of Venom in the villain role and Brock back in his black suit. A lot of people loved Anti-Venom, so it will be interesting to see how transitioning the character back to his roots will play out.

Jay – I can not wait to see Brock return!

SILK #19

Kat – I liked Cindy’s undercover story, but I don’t know if I want to see her as an Agent of Shield. I rather see her more at the Fact Channel.

Tatiana – The more Bobbi Morse I can get, the better. I love her friendship with Cindy, and the idea of Cindy as a SHIELD agent is very appealing… At least for a couple of issues.

Jay – I feel like this story seems maybe 6 months or more too late. Bobbi has known Silk for a while now, was her handler and already offered her a job. Just feels out of place.


Tatiana – Lunella and Riri are going to join forces? Say no more, I’m there! In all honestly, I’d be reading this series no matter what but now I’m doubly excited because it’s always interesting to see new takes on different characters.


Kat – It looks like we are finally getting the return of Bruno, and hopefully a team up with the rest of her supporting cast also.

Tatiana – Is the estranged ally Bruno? Tell me it’s Bruno! I’ve been feeling so bad for Kamala since Civil War, I just want her to have a win.

Jay – Lately Kamala has been distant from her supporting cast I hope we see this as that reunification and it was all worth it.


Kat – I’m game for a Jessica Jones and Kate Bishop team up! I love this cover.

Blaise – Kate is another great character who is fun to follow as she fully takes on a hero name with a lot to live up to. Her story has been a blast so far and I love the idea that they are going to bring Jessica Jones into this story to show us how the two characters play off one another as mentor and teacher.

Tatiana – Jessica Jones is coming to visit? Man, this series is giving me everything I want and more!


Kat – I like that they are keeping this title grounded with a college setting.

Tatiana – I want to know all about America’s inter-dimensional college adventures, and I’m even more intrigued by them hinting at the larger ripple effects through the Marvel universe.

Jay – I like that they are going more of the grounded root with this book. It will allow more of us to get to know who she is as a character.


Blaise – A solo Iron Fist book is awesome to see and makes sense with the Netflix show coming out this year. Hopefully the story will be somewhat of a prequel and explore the characters earlier stories to fill in the blanks leading up to his connection with Luke and the Defenders.

Jay – This sounds pretty good I hope the keep the essence of who Danny is.


Kat – It looks like this title is going to be important not just for Jessica’s world, but the whole Marvel universe.

Jay – I love mysteries but I think this book hasn’t hooked me on it yet, it seems too scattered hopefully by #7 I am hooked, I really want to love this book more than I am.


Blaise – Charles Soule continues to be one of Marvel’s best writers currently and his run on Daredevil has been amazing so far. It seems like Soule has a clear cut path ahead to deliver a great long-term story arc.


Kat – This sounds like a fun filler issue.


Jay –  I am still excited to read Man-Thing by R.L. Stine, how could I not?!


Blaise – Jeff Lemire has taken readers on a crazy journey so far and it’s been one of the more interesting books Marvel currently has to offer. It’s exciting to know that the story is going to be filled in and expanded on a lot more.


Jay – I am a sucker for mytholoy can not wait to see what they do with the Wakanda Gods here.


Jay – I am liking Nadia more than I thought, I also love the inclusion of Jarvis, a long time Marvel character who is often looked over.


Jay – I am liking Nadia more than I thought, I also love the inclusion of Jarvis, a long time Marvel character who is often looked over.


Jay – I hope this has a strong wrap up. This series since the first volume during the original Marvel NOW has been very lost at times with #0 and the Black Vortex being the strongest.


Jay – I am loving this book and love the mystery about Richard Rider’s return.


Blaise – This story has started out incredible strong and is a really awesome prequel that fills in the stories of Gamora before she escaped Thanos and joined up with the Guardians. Perlman seems to know exactly where she wants to take the character and there is a great cross of action, adventure and thought provoking content in this book.

OLD MAN LOGAN #21 & 22

Jay – I love the full circle here and I think we might get some clues about the main Wolverine.



Jay – These are EXCELLENT picks, so if you are a new X-Men fan, someone who maybe been in and out of the fandom, or just want new books to re-read instead of your original printings this is a great deal for a great grouping of books, a dollar a book!


Jay – I enjoy the animated series on Disney XD and I like the books very much, Marvel is doing a great job with them.


Jay – Star Wars is mostly a hit for me, I really love the main series. Darth Maul is one of my favorite characters and my favorite from the prequels. Poe Dameron is a book I am surprised that I am so into. I can not wait to see what content the Rogue One Adaptation adds to the movie. Dr. Aphra is….

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