RUMOR – Deadpool Drops Domino Casting Description and Casting Hints

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Happy Valentines Day True Believers! While Deadpool was a big deal around this time last year (it is the ultimately love story after all) we haven’t heard much about the loves of his life in the sequel (platonic or otherwise).  That changed today thanks to thehashtagshow who offered a scoop on the Domino casting description as well as a few hints for the role.  According to, the rumored shortlist is unbelievable.  It carries a who’s who of up and coming talent, and that’s just in ladies who have passed on the role (some of which we’re particularly heartbroken about.  Check out this casting description first:

“Female, All ethnicities; Late 20s – early 30s. Sexy, lithe and athletic. She has a witty personality. Neena is a no-nonsense badass who rarely shows her feeling. Highly capable, supremely confident and armored in . . . well ARMOR . . . and bullet-proof sarcasm. But beneath her shell she’s still and vulnerable and some soft, beating remnant of her humanity remains intact. In this scene we need to see both sides. When she can’t get what she needs with insults, bluster and threats we need to see some of that vulnerability. It’s hard for her to let down her guard, and in the mercenary community she grew up in showing compassion is almost embarrassing. We should feel like she’d be more comfortable killing Silberman than saying “Please”.”

Let’s break this down.  First of all she’s a life long mercenary.  Given the mercenary community from the first film this is some awesome world-building.  Seeing how mutants interact with regular jobs (or not so regular jobs) will be an awesome John Wick twist for the film.  Second, the name.  Neena Thurman is Domino’s “civilian” name from the comics.  She’s a mutant with probability powers, similar to Scarlet Witch.  These powers make her extremely lucky, which for a mercenary is a deadly power to have.  Of relevance is also the name “silberman”, the name of a spider-man villain. What could that mean in terms of the film?

The best thing though is the news about the casting shortlist.  “All ethnicities” is super awesome to see and according to rumor both Sienna Miller and Gugu Mbatha-Raw have both tested for the mercenary (are you as sad as we are that Gugu passed? us too. she would have been amazing).   According to the hashtag show, Kerry Washington from the hit TV series Scandal is also testing.  It’s just a rumor but it’s another person we’d really like to see tackle the role.  There’s apparently a short list of actresses and it’s easy to put together that they’ve got a short list for the other hot role – Cable (aka the other love of Deadpool’s life)

Exciting news right? Perfect for Valentines Day. Who do you want to see tackle Domino? Leave your suggestions in the comments below. Deadpool is in pre-production for a 2018 release date.

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