Hawkeye In Danger In New Secret Empire Issue!

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That’s right, Hawkeye is in danger in a new Secret Empire issue. Captain America’s Secret Empire’s new cover teases the return of a villain, and Hawkeye isn’t looking too hot on another issue cover. CBR got the exclusive from Marvel; they only provided the covers for issues #4 and #5 of Nick Spencer’s Secret Empire. Though, there was no information regrading the actual story of the issues, the covers give us some pretty good clues!

In issue #4 we see that Ultron is returning;  this version of Ultron has taken over Hank Pym’s body. The last time Ultron/Hank was seen, he had fallen into the sun which most assumed he had a terribly hot death.  Well it appears he’s back, but he is working for or against Steve Rogers?

In issue #5 , we see Hawkeye on the cover surrounded by fallen heroes, and pointing his bow and arrow at the unseen villain. He looks like he’s fearing for his life, which brings us to the question: who has Hawkeye so scared?

Nick Spencer to CBR:

“This is also an Avengers, X-Men, Inhumans, Champions, Defenders and Guardians story. If you’re a fan of the core casts of those titles, your favorites are going to be well represented here, but we’re also going to reach out into cosmic Marvel, street-level Marvel, the X-Universe and into the Inhumans. We really brought everyone into the fray one way or another.”

The cover at is by Mark Brooks, and these two issues of Secret Empire will be available in April.

As always we’ll continue to update you on all things Secret Empire and Marvel.

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