Characters We Want to See in Marvel’s New Spider-Man Game for PS4

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Spider-Related Heroes

Being the likable character that he is, Peter has managed to gain many super friends. Some of which are spider “related”. I think the game should have a certain hero with ties to Peter and Miles, Prowler. In recent comics, Prowler has been a close friend/”body guard” to be Peter. Also, in the Ultimate Comics universe, he is the uncle of Miles Morales. Another hero I’d like to see in the game might not seem like she should be here, but she does actually have strong ties to Peter. I’m talking about Jessica Jones. She and Peter go way back. They went to the same high school, with Jessica even having a crush on, I believe, pre-Spider-Man Peter. With her popular show currently on Netflix, I think she could be a cool, unexpected addition to the game.

Moving on to more obviously connected heroes, I’d like to see the other Jessica in Peter’s life, Jessica Drew a.k.a. Spider-Woman, in the game. She might not technically be connected to Peter, they have had many adventures together, and I think she’d be a cool addition. Another character, with an actual connection to Peter, I think would be a cool addition is Silk. He is a girl bitten by the same spider as Peter, with a complicated backstory related to Spider Island. I don’t think they need to go into all of that in the game. She could just be there for hero support. Last spider hero I’d like to talk about today could be an alternative to Silk, who also has had a complicated history. I don’t know how they’d do it, but I’d love to see Spider-Girl a.k.a. Mayday Parker in the game. She is Peter’s daughter from an alternate universe who’s just as cool as her dad, with her own unique quirks thanks to Mama Mary Jane. Follow to the next page for Non-Spider Related Heroes.

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