Top 5 Heroes Wanted For Marvel’s Next Animated Series

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3. Ironheart

Now, I know this might seem crazy, but let me explain. As I said before, this is a new universe. If they really wanted to prove that, they might need to do something wild. This would be that wild thing. What better way to show your universe is different then to kill off one of the big heroes. I think it could be cool if done right. Tony Stark could still be in the show, as an A.I. mentor for Riri. The show could depict Riri having to deal with Iron Man’s experienced rogues. It could also explore the adult heroes and how they deal with her. Maybe, they could use Riri to show the other unique elements of this world, like maybe Sam Wilson’s Captain America or Jane Foster’s Thor. Also, it could easily tie into Marvel’s Spider-Man given that alive Tony was his mentor. It could lead to some interesting crossovers.

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