Avengers Academy Armor Wars

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Avengers Academy Armor Wars

At the tail end of the Spider-Man Homecoming event it was revealed that Vulture had sold quite a bit of his stolen tech, including Stark tech, to individuals of dubious natures. These 3 just so happen to be Crimson Dynamo, Whiplash, and Yellowjacket. Avengers Academy Armor Wars will more than likely begin tomorrow as most of these events do. As usual Marvel.com sat down with Lead Narrative Designer Allen Warner to talk about what to expect from the upcoming event as well as what’s next for these teens with attitudes, wait wrong franchise.

So all 3 of these baddies are essentially going after Tony or his company so that will be the focal point of the story. Crimson Dynamo actually managed to get her, yes her, hands on a Hulkbuster prototype while the others have either built their own suits or pieced together suits from old Iron Man suits. But the villains aren’t the only ones getting armored up. Enchantress, Loki, Wasp, and Captain America will receive armor each with their own unique takes on it. This event will also debut Tony’s Hulkbuster armor which I hope is actually bigger than his Capbuster armor. But wait there’s more!

We get 2 more heroes to add to the roster with Iron Lad and Ironheart! Riri finally joins the game as well as non-Kang Iron Lad which brings a whole slew of questions. Not only that, but as you defeat the villains they will also be available to join the roster as well. It’s standard for this to happen in a lot of events but it definitely is cool to add more villains.

Lastly this event is going to be shorter than the other two due to the next event bringing us back to Hell’s Kitchen which is in need of some defending.

Be sure to check back here once the event begins as well as anything else Avengers Academy related.

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