The Marvel Reporters’ Commentary on the April 2018 Marvel Solicitations

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Once more into the breach we go, as the Marvel Reporters assemble to share our thoughts and concerns on Marvel’s solicitations for April 2018. These summaries come courtesy of our friends at Comic Frontline, so feel free to check out the full month’s offerings and then read on to learn our thoughts! And if you have any thoughts of your own, drop them off in the comments below.

Commentators:  BreezeJay, KatLouisTatiana

Editor: Tatiana


Jay: Looks like Marvel is building up their cosmic corner of their universe again. I hope they don’t neglect the rest of the books for them.

Tatiana: I’m not a big fan of all the events, but at least Adam Warlock always means a good time.


Kat: I’m really excited for this creative team!

Tatiana: Right off the bat, the black and white cover grabs me. And that’s quite a feat, seeing as I am more than a little tired of the ‘dead superhero returns alive’ trope. But I’m willing to play it by ear and see where this story takes us.

Louis: As much as I love Wolverine, I’m not excited for this event. I thought Marvel did a great job with Logan’s death and re-branding Laura as the New Wolverine. Plus the whole post-credits scene in the comics make this event more of a cash grab than a good story.

Breeze: Charles Soule must miss Wolverine as much as the rest of us to come back to this character. As someone who loves his Astonishing X-Men run, I’m excited to see if this book will tie into that story at all.

Jay: Why is this still a mystery? Logan would have returned home already. I think Marvel is dragging this out too long, but with that said it does sound intriguing.


Louis: Mark Waid has made Captain America one of my favorite Marvel titles. He’s been building up #700 and I can’t wait to see what he has planned.

Tatiana: I’m definitely interested in seeing where Waid is going with the King Captain America idea, and I enjoy his interpretation of the character more than the previous iteration.

Jay: Sounds interesting, but I would have preferred something a little more encompassing of his legacy for the 700th issue.

EXILES #1 & #2

Kat: Will give the first issue a try for future Kamala, but not sure how long this title will last.

Tatiana: Saladin Ahmed really won me over with Black Bolt, which is a series I never thought I’d like, so I’m ready to check out Exiles. Seeing Blink and Kamala in the future sounds like a real treat.

Breeze: Creating alternate versions of characters can be a tricky business, but so far they seem like interesting choices. It would be a shame to not at least give this book a try, especially with Valkyrie in the mix. It looks like they’re going to take their time building up the team based on the plot description of #2, but a visit to Asgard is worth it.

Jay: I loved the original Exiles, but I don’t feel that connection here. This team of Exiles just doesn’t seem right on paper so far, but I am hoping magic strikes twice and this team is great.


Kat: Excited to see Gail Simone work on this character. It should be a fun, action packed series.

Tatiana: The Deadpool sequel already has me invested in this character, so I was gonna check it out no matter what. And when you consider that I’m buying anything Gail Simone is selling? This series is a lock for me.

Breeze: Gail Simone returning to Marvel to write Domino almost rivals my excitement of seeing Domino on the big screen. It also teases the return of a “pair of beloved Marvel characters,” so fine, you’ve got me hooked Marvel.

Jay: Really? Domino getting a solo? I get it, Marvel. She is in Deadpool 2, you put Simone on it, but do you really think that this is going to last as an ongoing? Another Marvel Magic trick, watch them turn an ongoing into a mini.


Jay: Damnation has me really interested in it. The more I read about it, the more I am looking forward to it.

Tatiana: The eclectic collection of characters involved in this story certainly has me intrigued, but I’ll wait to read reviews first. I’m just not a huge Doctor Strange fan.


Jay: Marvel, I am telling you now. Do not take Ben Reilly away again! Marvel brought Ben Reilly back, never let him have a real chance to shine, then kills him again? Or worse, lets him become another Parker Mephisto casualty.

AVENNGERS #687 – #690

Jay: Looks like Voyager will be sticking around after this. It’s an interesting new line-up, with Lightning joining the team again, as well as Hulk, Rogue, Beast, Voyager and Falcon.

Tatiana: I didn’t really take to this run or line-up of Avengers, but this arc seems to be building a lot of momentum and I’m interested in reading the new dynamics.


Kat: I might give this a try since there is a new creative team on board.

Tatiana: I was one of the readers who had no issue with the previous creative team, but I think the addition of Ironheart and Unstoppable Wasp is certainly going to make the series better than ever. Just have to see how the new team handles all the characters.

Louis: I’m always nervous whenever a new creative team takes over a title. Champions has been very good, and I’ve loved Mark Waid’s work. Good luck to the new guys because they have a tough act to follow.

Jay: I hope this change in creative team signals the death of the Social Justice Champions and allows this team to be a real teen superhero team.


Kat: I’m done with all the Venom events.

Tatiana: I must echo these sentiments, as harsh as it may sound. Venomverse was alright, but I don’t find the proliferation of Venoms and Poisons particularly compelling, and I certainly don’t think it’s sustainable. It just feels like a cheap grab at sales.

Breeze: This is more of a comment towards the publishing schedule than the actual title, but I think it’s odd Marvel is releasing so many miniseries lately on a weekly schedule (why not trade wait at that rate?). I never read Venomverse, but might pick this up because of the X-Men team up.

Jay: I know it is Venom’s 30th Anniversary, but do we really need 30 Venom Events to celebrate it? I am venomed out, Marvel. STOP!!!!


Louis: Tony’s back! One more issue until Bendis’s finale! ‘Nuff said.

Tatiana: I look forward to seeing some interaction between Riri and the real Tony, and of course I want to see how Bendis signs off after so long.

Jay: I can’t wait to see Tony back in the armor, no hologram Tony, but the real flesh and blood Tony Stark! I hope Bendis takes the time to give Riri a good send off where we have hope for her.


Kat: Oh, man, the teasing of Jane’s fate is killing me.

Tatiana: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I am deeply invested in Jane Foster at this point, and you’re not allowed to take her away from me.

Jay: I still think Mangog will reward Jane with life for being a God with honor and heart.


Jay: Wonder how much longer Amadeus will lead this title now that Banner is back?

Tatiana: I’m not used to seeing Amadeus in this darker and more agonizing light, so I hope his Hulk returns to being Totally Awesome again soon.


Breeze: Well, at the very least this plot description confirms what we’ve already guessed: Natasha didn’t really die in Secret Empire. After suffering through that story, I guess I am interested in seeing how the Cosmic Cube fits into this.

Tatiana: I’m normally not big on extra Avengers stories, but they got me with the Black Widow death fake-out.

Jay: So, this totally ruins the whole is Black Widow dead story in Journey Into Mystery. Marvel seriously has to stop spoiling their own books.


Kat: I’m excited to see how Dan will take his final bow on his long run of Spider-Man.

Tatiana: The story still doesn’t sound like anything to write home about, but Dan Slott is such a Spider-Man staple that I feel compelled to give it a go as a sort of final farewell.

Louis: Dan Slott’s final Spidey arc continues. It sounds like the Green Goblin and Red Goblin will be separate characters. Another possibility is Norman starts off with the Green Goblin identity then switches to Red Goblin the next issue. Either way I can’t wait to read this.

Jay: I think Slott has to go out big and the Red Goblin is not big, sorry. Hope Marvel knows how to wrap this run up right. (Hint: Undo One More Day.)


Kat: I love the internal struggle Gwen is going through, which has been intensified by x1000 with her connection to Venom.

Tatiana: I’m ready for Gwen to claw her way out of the darkness and find her light again, drop Venom and become a hero in her own right once more.

Breeze: It’s been a while since we saw just Gwen on the main cover, I wonder what this could mean for the Spider-Woman? The preview also makes it feel like we might be getting a Gwen from another Earth.

Jay: Gwenom is an awesome story can not wait to see how each chapter plays out, especially this one.


Kat: Not sure how to feel about the return of Normie Osborn, he was a weaker aspect of the previous iteration of the series.

Tatiana: I quite enjoyed Jody Houser’s first issue, so I’m ready for any adventure Peter, Mary Jane and Annie want to take on.

Louis: Normie Osborn was one of the best characters from the first arc. Also he was a big part of the MC2 Spider-Girl series so this new version could be very entertaining.

Jay: I now a lot of people are not liking teen Annie-May, but I am.



VENOM #164 & #165

Jay: Always love a hidden secret reveal!

Tatiana: Eddie and Venom having relationship problems is a story I can totally get behind. How will they work their way out of it?


Jay: I feel bad that I don’t feel excited or anything about Miles right now, this should be a huge arc and have me excited, but I just don’t feel it.

Tatiana: I find Miles and his uncle a pretty compelling relationship, so I want to see where this goes. Plus, I of course need to be there for Bendis’ farewell.


Jay: I really liked the 1st issue! I can not wait to see more of this world.


Louis: This could be a very intriguing arc. Showing Marc Spector’s personalities stemming from some form of trauma is a good way to update the character.

Tatiana: This is another issue that I would honestly buy just for the cover, because it’s so artistic.

Jay: This sounds awesome! I can’t wait to see the origin of his Dissociative Identity Disorder (D.I.D., the correct diagnosis of Multiple Personalities). This is something that we never explored before, where was that break?


Louis: Ben and Johnny have to save the multiverse? Sounds like a fantastic reunion could be right around the corner.

Tatiana: I’ve never been into the Fantastic Four, but the first issue of this story was so fun that I’ll definitely be back for more.

Jay: Loved the 1st issue, but man I want a Fantastic Four series! This better lead to a new Fantastic Four series!!!!


Louis: A new Red Room could be a great jumping off point for more Marvel spy stories. Plus we might get answers for how Black Widow is alive (Please no clones).

Tatiana: You can tell Matt Rosenberg is having a lot of fun with this story, and the conclusion in #104 promises to be epic. I just hope it’s not as tragic as anticipated.

Breeze: Give me back Natasha! So far I’ve loved the Bucky/Clint interactions and can’t wait to see how those go once Nat is back in the mix.


Kat: Finally the return of Bruno, and I love that Kamala’s new villain is going to be a villain for her personal and superhero life. G. Willow Wilson always aces the high school drama for this series. P.S. I love the old school Archie style cover!

Tatiana:  Confession – I’m a Kamala and Bruno shipper through and through, so I cannot wait for Bruno to come back and get jealous. If G. Willow Wilson ever leaves the comic, I don’t know what I would do, because she balances the personal with the so-called professional so spectacularly.

Jay: YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!! I can not wait for the return of Bruno! I hope this brings back the fun and excitement.


Jay: There is only ONE FANTASTIC FOUR: Reed, Sue, Johnny & Ben! But I have a feeling that Valerie and Franklin will be joining Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur as this new Fantastic Four.

Tatiana: This story has been delightful so far and I’m ready for more. Who is 2018’s most requested character?


Jay: I am looking forward to this title, I love the New Mutants, and the creepy feel is going to be interesting. I am surprised this book is still on schedule with the movie delayed. Perhaps a sequel for when the movie comes out.

Tatiana: I was going to say, “Wow, this sounds appropriately creepy.” Looks like Jay took the words right out of my mouth!

X-MEN: GOLD #25 & #26

Jay: Wedding plans are in effect! I hope Rachel is ok, I don’t want to get one Grey girl back only to lose another.

Tatiana: I honestly don’t care about the Scythian, but I’m looking forward to what havoc the nuptials wreak. And please protect Rachel!


X-MEN: BLUE #25 & #26

Louis: A new line-up sounds awesome. It’d be great when the original 5 X-Men return if the team is reworked to be a combination of the two.

Tatiana: I also like the idea of a new line-up, as well as to seeing Emma Frost and Miss Sinister working together. I have to admit this run hasn’t been doing it for me, but I think an injection of new blood is exactly what it needs.

Jay: So the original 5 X-Men aren’t gone, they didn’t go back to their timeline, they are just lost in space? Ok?


Jay: I am beyond excited for this book! Jean Grey is BACK!!!! I wonder who will be the one to betray her? And come on Marvel, the rest of the color coded X-Men books are twice a month but Jean is monthly? I need more Jean in my life!!!!

Tatiana: I haven’t formulated my opinion on this story yet, but I’m going in with an open mind.


Kat: I love that Tom Taylor is giving his own spin on Old Man Logan, but for Laura.

Tatiana: Admittedly I don’t normally read any Wolverine stories, but the solicit has me intrigued. Sign me up for this arc and then drop me back off in my comfy home! 

Louis: I’ve been trade waiting this series, but this new arc sounds awesome enough for me to get this title monthly.

Jay: Really? Old Woman Laura? Not sure why this is a thing.


Jay: What is up with X-Men returning and not reuniting with their family? Professor X doesn’t go see his X-Men yet? Wolverine didn’t visit them? COME ON!!!!

CABLE #156

Kat: I will be buying this now that Hope is in the series, that character deserves more love.

Tatiana: I lost interest in the current run early on, but the re-appearance of Hope and desperation of Cable to be a good father earns them a second chance from me.


Jay: Can’t wait to see what this all-ages book has planned for us!

Tatiana: How can I say no to this book? It looks way too cute! I only wish Gurihiru was handling the art inside as well. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be crying bitterly over Gwenpool.


Kat: GIVE ME JULIE POWER!! I’m excited to see the team dynamic with her included in it, and I like that the description shows that Julie is an experienced hero. P.S. give me some cute scenes between Karolina and Julie.

Tatiana: The current run has been spectacular so far, so I look forward to seeing what’s in store. One the one hand, Karolina and Julie sound like they’re be adorable. On the other, I can’t wait to see Nico’s reaction…

Louis: Been wanting to read this title since watching the Hulu series. This issue sounds like a great jumping-on point.

Jay: I can not wait to see Karolina and Julie together with the Runaways! With Nico, there may be drama there!


Jay: Ant-Man adaptation. I hate it when Marvel sells these as “Preludes”.

Tatiana: Truer words were never spoken. Why buy these so-called prelude comics when you can just rewatch the movie? It wouldn’t kill them to at least add some deleted scenes or something.
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