Top 5 Agents of SHIELD Guest Stars

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We’re continuing our streak of looking back on Agents of SHIELD and we had to focus on the people who made SHIELD incredible for their all too brief time on the show. While many may have left to roam the Marvel Universe at large (and we’re hoping they come back) others had a good run and an incredible arc that shifted the show, affected all the characters, and generally tied the universe together. While fans keep hoping for bigger and better guest stars (when will Scarlett or Jeremy jump over for a brief cameo? Seriously?) the show’s guest stars have been an opportunity for many people to jump into the Marvel Universe and either move on to bigger and better things or be used for later stories.

The biggest one of these is Ghost Rider. The Marvel Report has been a staunch supporter of #WewantGhostrider largely thanks to the incredible performance of Gabriel Luna. If there’s one guest star who should continue his run into the Marvel Universe it’s Robbie Reyes and his brother Gabe. From their relationship with Daisy (#QuakeRider forever) to season 4’s cliffhanger ending fans are hoping for Robbie to return to season 5  and possibly beyond. Felipe Smith crafted an incredible character that quickly garnered a massive fan following including toys from Hot Toys and Funko. He’s just not on this list because he needs to come back and become a regular, or become a regular on his own show.

Robbie’s story needs to continue (particularly if his path leads to him meeting up with the Runaways in a second or Third season) but he’s not the only guest star to make his mark on Agents of SHIELD. Both Hayley Atwell and Jaimie Alexander have graced the Agents of SHIELD screens, but they’re not all. In honor of our countdown for the 100th episode let’s talk our top 5 favorite guest stars on Agents of SHIELD.


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