#SHIELD100: Fan Favorite Agents of SHIELD Episodes

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Too Many To Count

Joey Agents of SHIELD


There are so many great moments to choose from when it comes to picking an all-time favorite part of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. “Don’t Fear The Reaper” playing while Coulson and Garrett evade capture would prove to be a major turning point in the series. Skye entering the Kree temple and emerging as Daisy Johnson. Jemma surviving alone on Maveth. Coulson turning into the Ghost Rider. These are all incredible, and each one gave me the chills. But it is the characters that have truly captured my heart. And while I would be hard-pressed to pick a favorite character, I can say without a doubt that the introduction of Joey in season three was by far the most meaningful. As a gay man who grew up reading Marvel comics, yearning for representation outside of the allegory of the X-Men, seeing a gay superhero in the MCU for the first time was beyond description. And while his time on the series was unfortunately cut short due to real world casting issues, I cannot stress enough how affirming it was to see the Marvel Universe open up a bit and acknowledge the beautiful diversity of the real world. I hope to see more of Joey, and more LGBT content in the MCU, but I am thankful for this small step.


Ghost Rider Agents of SHIELD

So, I can’t possibly pick favorite moments, there are far too many to count. But, I just wanted to say that I have thoroughly enjoying every episode of AOS since episode 1. People may have complained about S1 being a slow ramp up, but I loved every second. Not only had the show had many spectacular moments but also, it’s made some important moments in the MCU. We’ve seen Lady Sif a few times and Coulson said he’d tell the Avengers he was back in his own time. I still hope for that in Infinity War or before that before whoever dies from the original team in the movie. Coulson and Project Theta saved everyone in Avengers 2. Fury, Hill, The Cree, Hydra takeover, Ward in general, Inhumans, both Ghost Riders, Ghost Rider Coulson and Mack, the Darkhold and so many other wonderful moments. I obviously can’t say everyone on the team has been my favorite character. If anything Coulson is my favorite character just because of the kind of person he is. He makes mistakes, of course, but he cares about everyone in his life immensely. The team itself is a wonderful character in itself. Oh and love the music! I am so happy that this show was started and I thank all the fans who started the Coulson Lives movement. For however long this show lasts, I will always love it. Happy 100th!


Picking my favourite moment out of nearly 100 episodes is akin to trying to pick a favourite movie.  Do you go with funny, action-packed, intense, seminal?  There are so many layers.

My immediate reaction was to go with when Fitz first revealed to Jemma how he felt about her after Ward dumped them in the ocean. I loved it. And I almost feel guilty going with another moment but it was so good I don’t think I can justify anything else.  Cut to season 4, and what is widely acknowledged as the pinnacle episode – “Self Control”.  Specifically, the scene between Daisy and Jemma where they’re trying to convince each other they’re not LMDs.  Those two created one of the most intense, empowering and memorable scenes on ANY show I can think of.  All I can say is Chloe and Elizabeth acted the hell out of that together and made the terror they were experiencing palpable to the audience – or at least to this audience member.

But that moment when Fitz blows the window and Jemma screams is pretty freaking awesome.

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