#SHIELD100: Agents of SHIELD Top 5 Most Lamented Deaths

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 5. Eric Koenig

Eric Koenig makes the list for a number of reasons. In all honesty, Koenig was one of the first Agents of SHIELD deaths to really matter. He was a character that fans connected with and his death added up to the mounting crimes of Grant Ward. It was also Patton Oswalt, a really funny guy who did some serious material – something he doesn’t seem to get to do often as a comedian. The Koenigs returned technically – as in it introduced a hilarious gimmick and a second source of speculation for fans in the form of the Koenig brothers.

Were they LMDs? Were they twins? Were they some part of a supernatural experiment on the part of SHIELD? It turned out they were simply brothers, but the Koenigs represent the beginning of a long-held and cherished tradition in the Agents of SHIELD fan speculation and wild theories. Eric Koenig, you deserved better and who knows just what you could have accomplished if you were connected to your brothers.

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