Why Are Only Dead Characters Getting Disney+ Television Shows?

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The Disney+ Series are Prequels

I’m about to get a little “aliens” meme guy, but if all of these characters are dead, why would they be getting the focus on TV? They’re not going to draw the ratings of Valkyrie, or Agents of SHIELD. As intrigued as people are, they just don’t do the numbers. Wanda and Vision have been set up to be a romance without delving into their superpowers, Bucky and Falcon are one of the strangest pairings in the MCU – both best friends of Steve Rogers, and Loki, no matter how much the internet might mourn – is dead.

The biggest clue to this is Clint. Clint is still alive, he’s the only living character we’ve seen (so far) who is getting a series. Why? The series will cover the 5 years where Clint gave up the Hawkeye mantle and passed it on to Kate Bishop, founder of the Young Avengers. Fans of the Young Avengers know that Kate and Clint have a pretty special friendship and he adopts the kid like a daughter. In the movie trailer, everyone speculating about the little girl shooting the bow and arrow – what if that’s why he translates his skills to Kate?

He sees her as a surrogate daughter.

The other characters could all be setting up essential pieces to the Avengers story. Falcon and Bucky working together trying to help hide Steve on the run, Wanda and Vision exploring their relationship (and maybe setting the stage for her kids?) and Loki living his time on Sakaar – maybe leaving behind an insurance policy that could lead to…

The Young Avengers are Coming(?)

Lots of people are speculating about a Young Avengers series being in the works. All these characters have direct ties to the Young Avengers. What if Falcon and Bucky meet Isaiah, also known as Patriot? Loki has set the seeds to return as a young Loki (or just to return), and Wanda and Vision are working to have their kids.

This is wishful thinking on the part of many fans, but there’s another big clue here. Most of the young avengers come of age in the wake of the absence of the Avengers. An absence like – say – the decimation. Avengers Endgame is the culmination of a lot of story, what if it really is the end and the MCU will be setting up new characters while these old characters wrap up loose ends and set up a young avengers series?

There are a Lot of Really Good Ideas on the Internet for Disney+ TV Shows. Why are They Focusing on These Guys?

A lot of people are speculating that this could be the prelude to the Young Avengers. Isaiah Washington comes of age in the Secret Empire storyline where he’s a revolutionary battling HYDRA!Captain America, Kate Bishop could very well have lost her parents in the decimation, Vision and Wanda’s kids would be weird and Loki wouldn’t let himself die.

There are a lot of other characters who would do the numbers. Valkyrie, any of the Black Panther characters. Marvel has set up Shang-chi, they could do a star force series focusing on Carol and her time previously in the MCU. They’re not. Why?

Those are the characters who will be getting movies – and setting up the next generation of Marvel Television shows after these guys wrap up the loose endgame ends and set Young Avengers into motion. Now that Disney+ has brought the MCU and Television even closer – #ItsAllConnected could truly be real. Marvel is setting up the next generation of movie stars who will take over the MCU proper and interact with the newest generation: Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Ant-Man (who also has a Young Avengers connection). Then, those heroes will be replaced.

All of this could come out to nothing, but these shows are all far too close together (and it’s far too strange that these characters are getting the spotlight) for people to not think that something might be up. Either way, it’s an exciting time to be an MCU fan.

Do you have a theory about why these characters are getting the shows? What do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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