WandaVision: Could New Concept Art Be Hinting At An Alternate Reality?

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Vision’s Return

One of the surprises when the WandaVision poster was revealed, was the return of her love, Vision. The question that now arises is, “How is he back after the horrible fate he suffered in Avengers: Infinity War?” There are most likely three options. Option #1: Wanda somehow managed to go back in time to pluck an alternate Vision from another time. Option #2: While fending off Thanos and trying to destroy the Mind Stone, she somehow harnessed the power of the stone. She gets Vision’s lifeless body back, and uses the residual energy of the Stone to bring him back to life. Option #3: He’s back in an alternate reality that Wanda has altered for herself because she couldn’t bear to be without him. All three of these are possible, but the most plausible one is certainly the third.

The Glow on the TV

WandaVision is set to introduce Wanda’s vast and growing powers, some of which haven’t been fully delved into – such as her reality altering powers. We saw a glimpse of them in Avengers: Age of Ultron where, before joining the team, she put a “spell” on each of the Avengers. She showed each of them realities that could have been or would eventually be. With all of the anguish that has happened since then, there’s now telling how strong those powers would be now. The glow on the TV is her signature red, which could potentially signify how she manifests the new reality she wants for herself: is in the form of a 50s-style sitcom. The audience would in turn be watching this sitcom along with Wanda.

Cause and Effect (Tie-Ins)

Wanda dreaming up this new reality for herself, watching what she could’ve had on a daily basis, would have long terms effects on her. Eventually she would go mad. This might unfortunately cause her to go full-on “Queen of Chaos” and hurt friends and foes alike. Her madness in turn would catch the attention of the Sorcerer Supreme himself, Doctor Stephen Strange.

His presence would tie directly into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. His mission could be he has to help Wanda harness her powers to fight her own darkness that she’s facing. If he fails, WandaVision could also set up a House of M scenario where Wanda is feeling so much grief and pain with everything that she’s lost, it causes her to say “No More Heroes” (play on “No More Mutants“), causes her to create a visible reality she mean to create in the first place.

Having the MCU coming to the small screen, there’s no doubt WandaVision will be one of those shows that will get fans talking, and trending all over social media. With most of the same resources as the movies, it will look visually stunning considering each episode run time will equal out to an hour long movie each. Episodes will also air weekly, having the same effect as prime time TV. With Wanda Maximoff being called “The Strongest Avenger” by fans, they can only hope that she will be strong enough to fend off her demons that could appear on the show.

WandaVision is set to premiere on Disney+ Spring of 2021

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