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Welcome to The Marvel Report, a Marvel fan site that unites fans all over the world in celebration of Marvel films, TV shows, comics, video games, conventions and more. It all started as a re-branded Marvel fan account by entertainment journalist and content producer Andy Behbakht, founder and owner, during the summer of 2015.

The Marvel Report is a dedicated hub for Marvel fandom, news, reviews, editorials, events, video content, and more. We hope you enjoy TMR, as we experience the great world of Marvel together.

The Marvel Report Staff

Andy Behbakht (Founder/Owner/Editor in Chief/Director of Operations)

Lauren Gallaway (Director of Operations/Co-Owner/Editor)

Brittany Rivera (Co-Director/Managing Editor/Events Assistant Manager)

Clement Bryant (Social Media Director)

Shawn Carpenter (Pop Culture Editor & TV/Film)

Shawn Richter (Events Director)

Tatiana Hullender (Associate/Comics Editor)

Jay El (Associate/Comics Editor)



Shawn Richter (Events Director)

Brittany Rivera (Events Assistant Manager)

Carolyn Poddig (Events Assistant Manager)

Sam Bell (Events Contributor)



Breeze Riley (TV/Film/Comics)

Brittany Rivera (Managing Editor/Events Assistant Manager)

Britney Monae (TV/Film/Comics)

Carolyn Poddig (Events Contributor & TV/Film)

Clement Bryant (Social Media Director & TV/Film)

Jay El (Associate/Comics Editor)

Shawn Carpenter (Pop Culture Editor & TV/Film)

Shawn Richter (Events Director & TV/Film)

Tatiana Hullender (Associate/Comics Editor)



Bryan Kersey (TV/Film/Comics)

Jeremy La Dulce (Comics)

Jessica Lebedynski (Comics)

John Robinson (TV/Film/Comics)

Josh Webb (TV/Film/Comics)

Louis Murphy (Comics)

Ozzie Mejia (TV/Film/Pop Culture)



Chris King (TV/Film)

David Jones (Graphic Artist/Media)

Mike Schmidt (Music/Media)

 (TV/Film/Pop Culture)

Jonathan Hernandez (TV/Film Coverage)

Jennifer Lloyd (TV/Film/Comics)

Reena Leone (TV/Film)

Rosey Tyler (Web Team)

Sam Bell (Events/TV)

Shawn Madden (TV/Film/Box Office)


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