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 Agent Carter had a fantastic first season. Hayley Atwell dazzled audiences with her kickass acting, James D’Arcy wooed fans with his amazing Britishness, and Bridget Regan introduced a Black Widow storyline no one was expecting. With a mix of strong writing, feminist undertones, connections to the larger MCU and the Cold War era of the comics, Agent Carter established a world we all wish we could be secret spies in.

After the first season wrapped fans were hopefull for a second season, though many were skeptical due to the show’s low ratings. Thankfully ratings aren’t the only thing Marvel and the Mouse (Disney/ABC) care about, and Agent Carter was a renewed for a second season! Woohoo!

Here’s what we know about Agent Carter‘s second season so far:

  • Season 2 will air in January of 2016
  • It will consist of 10 episodes
  • The same writing and producing team are back, plus two new writers!
  • The show will take place in Los Angeles
  • Jarvis, Souza, and Thompson are returning
  • Peggy will be called to LA to solve a murder
  • The tone of the show will emulate classic noir Hollywood
  • The season will pick up about a year after the season one finale
  • Madame Masque will be the main villain
  • Peggy will have multiple love interests
  • Howard Stark will be opening a movie studio
  • Dottie could return for Leviathan part 2
  • The writers will be pulling characters from Strange Tales 

What are you hoping to see in Agent Carter season 2?

Agent Carter returns to ABC Tuesdays in January 2016. 

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