Guardians of the Galaxy 1.01 Review: Road to Knowhere

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Original Air Date: September 5, 2015/September 26, 2015

Besides the clever title pun this episode is a great start to a fun series. It opens with Star-Lord putting his headphones on listening to Hooked on a Feeling and he starts dancing.

Nothing like breaking and entering to an awesome soundtrack am I right?

Already this show starts off with the awesome music. Rocket and Groot tell him to stop. The team is together on a mission. At first we don’t really know until they break into the place after Star-Lord accidentally spills sludge all over the others. Star-Lord brings up that they need a battle cry but right then they split off as he is making a plan of action.

Once everything is set Star-Lord is getting into a computer making note that

Star-Lord shows kids the do's and don'ts of passwords
Star-Lord shows kids the do’s and don’ts of passwords
Star-Lord does a security check
Star-Lord does a security check

Everyone saves his butt before he trips off the alarm and they get surrounded. So naturally Star-Lord grabs a grenade and threatens to vaporize everyone. Rocket takes the grenade and throws it so it wouldn’t hurt them. Rocket and Gamora quickly mention after how Star-Lord managed to drag them into this life before they find what they were originally there for. Yondu.

Star-Lord mentions that he’s only doing so for the bounty that we find out Yondu placed on himself and Rocket proposes a question. “Are we heroes or are we outlaws.” To which Star-Lord goes why not both, sort of like that taco commercial turned meme. Yondu mentions that Korath has something of his that is valuable. Drax mentions that finding Korath could lead him to Thanos to get his revenge. Except it was only Yondu’s jacket and arrow. They leave in the only way they now how and Rocket almost dies due to his jet back not working. Groot saves him but in the process becomes little Groot that we saw at the end of the movie. Gamora wants to sneak in to Korath’s ship but it doesn’t work and a hole gets shot into the ship only to be filled by Drax’s butt. Yep, it’s that kind of show.

Drax says he didn’t do it. I don’t believe him.

But they did get close enough for Yondu and Star-Lord to sneak aboard and get the box that Yondu was mentioning beforehand. But instead of sticking around Yondu bails as Star-Lord gets the box. Korath comes in and captures him. Korath has his gun and Star-Lord mentions that it only works for him, before being saved and escaping with his gun and box in tow. They get to Knowhere where Star-Lord and Gamora try to sell the box off, but before that Cosmo the Russian Space Dog (voiced by James Arnold Taylor) is introduced and it gives us yet another funny moment. He mentions to Rocket telepathically how talking animals gives him the willies. Then it goes back to Star-Lord as he tries to sell the box but it supposedly from the same people that made his gun. Which gives us a bit more of an insight onto who Star-Lord’s dad might be. Both the gun and box are Spartax tech and Star-Lord, like any man child would do, opens the box again. The seller then mentions something about that box possibly containing the Cosmic Seed which breathes life into things or can destroy. This causes the robot head of Knowhere to activate causing everyone to be captured, except Groot who becomes overgrown because of the box. And that’s where the episode ends.

Don’t question the Space Dog

Final Thoughts:

Now I didn’t see this when it initially aired so it’s kind of fuzzy where it actually ends but this was right around the half hour mark when it premiered both episodes. Overall a strong and funny start to a series that I had no idea was going to happen. I’m glad it did since I’ve been having a fun time watching it. Honestly the characters are almost spot on to their movie counterparts and the puns are actually quite funny.

Guardians of the Galaxy airs Saturdays only on Disney XD

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