Guardians of the Galaxy 1.02 Review: Knowhere to Run

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Original Air Date: September 26, 2015

Once again with the clever title.

So this episode picks up immediately where the last one left off. We find that Groot is also affected by the box that is making Knowhere attacks everyone. Groot super grows from the little dancing sprout to an overgrown almost monster like version of himself. This causes Groot to go berserk and attack Cosmo, Drax, and Rocket while Korath grabs Gamora and Star-Lord.

A Cosmic Seed affected Groot goes on a rampage.
A Cosmic Seed affected Groot goes on a rampage.

After Korath leaves Groot goes back to his normal full grown size as well as Knowhere becomes inactive again. The others begin to plan to fly after them when Cosmo has a better idea. He takes them up to a teleporter inside the main controls and beams them into Korath’s ship. He also gives bands to them so that he can lock on their signal to retrieve them. And here he makes a dog pun. Did I mention the amount of puns in this show?

Cosmo now isn't the best time for puns.
Cosmo now isn’t the best time for puns.
Having to explain the pun doesn't make it funny.
Having to explain the pun doesn’t make it funny.

Meanwhile back on the ship Korath has a chat with Thanos about the box and the key. After Korath is about to strike Star-Lord when Star-Lord makes the comment that Thanos wouldn’t be happy if the key had been smashed. Korath grabs a mind parasite and puts it on Gamora’s face causing her to relive all the moments she is guilty of which causes Star-Lord to have to open the box or she becomes a brain dead zombie. After opening the box it reveals that there’s actually nothing. No Cosmic Seed or anything. Korath is now beyond angry and puts a mind parasite on him. It has no effect on Star-Lord and he starts talking about his memories only making Korath even more angry.

Star-Lord gives us a look at how he doesn't feel guilt.
Star-Lord gives us a look at how he doesn’t feel guilt.

The rescue squad shows up and frees everyone, but not before Korath gets a hold of Gamora. Drax mentioned to Korath to pass a mention to Thanos before they left.

But she was able to scoop up a mind parasite and use it on him to get away. In her defense I would have done the exact same thing. Everyone now has a teleporter band except Star-Lord and being the irresponsible man-child that we know and love, he blows a hole in the ship. If only he had listened. They get teleported back with Groot dragging Star-Lord through the teleportation field.

So Thanos shows up to Knowhere as Drax requested and since Drax wants revenge he goes after Thanos. It’s a very one-sided fight. Thanos’s fleet begin attacking Knowhere and Star-Lord has a genius idea. He runs off to where the teleporter is but uses it as a control room. Meanwhile, Groot saves Drax from Thanos because Thanos was clearly winning. Back inside the control room Star-Lord activates the head and uses its eye lasers to wipe out a good chunk of Thanos’s forces. Cosmo and the rest of the team come in again with a brilliant plan and teleport Knowhere somewhere else. Is this confusing yet?

So finally they Guardians are off on another adventure with more awesome music playing before Star-Lord once again opens the box. Does he ever learn? Nope. This time it reveals itself to be a map, a map to where the Cosmic Seed is. And now their goal is set. Get the Cosmic Seed before Thanos can.

Star-Lord figures out the true purpose of the box.
Star-Lord figures out the true purpose of the box.

Final Thoughts:

As a conclusion to a two part premiere I thought it was fun. Like I have said this show looks to be similar in tone to the movie with a lot of action, comedy, good music, and probably a lot more puns than we were hoping for. I really am looking forward to see where this show goes and how it will differ once Guardians of the Galaxy 2 comes out. This is definitely a sow I didn’t know I needed until I watched it.

Guardians of the Galaxy airs Saturdays only on Disney XD

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