This is Why I Cosplay

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Cosplay has grown like crazy in the last few years, as comic conventions grow in size and popularity. There are more and more people in costumes at conventions and more and more talented people making costumes.

There are a number of reasons to cosplay. You might enjoy dressing as your favorite super hero, comic book or video game character. You may enjoy role playing as a number of different characters, interacting with other cosplayers. If you’re a little more serious about it, maybe you enjoy participating in cosplay competitions. Of course, anyone hoping to win will have to wear an exceptional costume. Using Sharingan contact lenses will help you achieve an awesome look.

There are several reason why I cosplay. One of which is because I enjoy being my favorite super hero – Captain America.

Cosplay Captain AmericaA couple of weeks ago, I was contacted about participating in an event not far from my house – Deaf Unity Day. It was an all day event, with proceeds going to benefit Deaf Community Services. The event was from 10am – 4pm and was mostly outside. While I love dressing up for charitable events, I’ll be honest. My first thought was “Good lord, it’s been really hot lately. Six hours out in the sun, in a full Captain America suit and helmet? Not interested.”

I RSVP’d as a maybe (solely because of the weather) and monitored the forecast as we got closer. There was no relief in sight. A couple of days before the event, I finally decided to go.

It was hot. Really hot. Covered in sweat before I even went outside hot. But I did my best to stay in the shade and drank a lot of water. I met a lot of nice people, took a ton of photos and made some new friends.

Cosplay photo with Fed Ex volunteers

At the end of the day there was a small ceremony where they brought all of the cosplayers up on stage for a round of applause. At least those of us who were left (a lot of cosplayers left early and I don’t blame them).

As we walked off the stage I was waving to the crowd. Then I heard a small voice yell “Captain America!” Searching for the source of the call, I met eyes with an adorable little girl, maybe five years old. I ran over to her and held out my hand. Her little eyes looking up at me, she placed her hand in mine and I gave it a little squeeze.

She lit up like Christmas.

And so did I. Day made. Totally worth all of the sweat.

This is why I cosplay.

Cosplay group photo

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