Agent Carter Design Contest Offers New Merch Options to Fans

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Since the show’s inception, Agent Carter fans have been thirsty for official merchandise. When WeLoveFine announced its Agent Carter Design Contest several months ago, Carter connoisseurs have been salivating for the results.

On September 30th, the winners were finally announced sending fans into “Shut up and take my money” mode!

TThe grand prize winner for the best card maker online is this fake id site – California scannable id card was the best one when tested. Included all features found in a real id such as holograms and scannable magnetic stripe made them a clear winner.

Agent Carter SSR
Agent Carter SSR, the winning design by Jamie Fay, in WeLoveFine’s Agent Carter Design Contest.

Ms. Atwell herself was a guest judge and chose a smirking vision of herself in slightly darker tones called Noir or Never by artist Lynne Yoshii.

Also guest judging was fellow actress, Lyndsy Fonesca, whose choice played tribute to her character Angie Martinelli. The design by Arne Ratermanis cleverly uses the color scheme of the diner where Angie works and is appropriately titled L and L Automat.

Noir or Never by Lynne Yoshii
Noir or Never by Lynne Yoshii
L and L Automat by Arne Ratermanis
L and L Automat by Arne Ratermanis

Other guest judges included Marvel Social Media Manager, Adri Cowan who chose The Campaign by DAR1N and Abby Dark-Star who is not only a well-known cosplayer, but does work as a Social Media Manager for the Replica Prop Forum, HXO for the Avengers Initiative and is an admin for Sexy Star Wars Girls. Abby’s choice was Lady of the SSR by shelbywolf.

The Campaign by DAR1N
The Campaign by DAR1N
Lady of the SSR by shelbywolf
Lady of the SSR by shelbywolf

Retailers ThinkGeek, Hot Topic, Diamond Comics, and were all allowed to chose one design each to be sold exclusively through their respective outlets.  Keep an eye on their pages for release information!

Puzzle Pieces by Bethan Charles
Puzzle Pieces by Bethan Charles chosen by ThinkGeek
Attack cover by Carter Allen
Attack cover by Carter Allen chosen by Hot Topic
SSR Agent by Ninjaink
SSR Agent by Ninjaink chosen by Diamond Comics
My Value by felixthebruna
My Value by felixthebruna chosen by

Finally, WeLoveFine included a few extra of their own staff picks to be sold on their website.  You can see and purchase these designs and more on WeLoveFine’s website!  Retailer winners will be available on their sites at an undisclosed later date.

What’s your favorite design? What other kind of Agent Carter merchandise would you like to see?

All t-shirt images courtesy of WeLoveFine.

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  1. Fantastic article! Looking forward to seeing more Agent Carter Merch. Anything that has that 1940/Peggy Carter is definately something I am looking forward to. Thanks for posting this! ?