Guardians of the Galaxy 1.04 Review: Take the Milano and Run

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Original Air Date: October 10, 2015

We got a second season!!!!! If you haven’t seen my post about that then go here. I’m really excited that this series will continue and have even more awesome music. Also another thing of note is that the soundtrack will be released this Friday October 16 2015. For more on that go here.

Now onto the episode.

It opens up with Gamora and Drax throwing their weapons into Groot, how rude? While Rocket and Star-Lord are arguing over the ships repairs and over whose ship it is and before long Rocket’s focus shifts over to the planet they are heading to, Conjunction (or as I like to call it Space Vegas).

Poor Groot, used as a target by his friends.
Who knew Rocket was into gambling?

They are heading there to get more Pandorian Crystals for the Spartax box map thing from a “Friend” of Star-Lord’s named Lunatik, with a K not a C as he points out.

Doesn’t make him any less crazy, Pete.

Problem is that the ship sort of crash lands onto the planet after it seems to be attacked, by who honestly they never hit that note but I think it was more of the ship malfunctioning. After they land we are introduced to Titus (voiced by J.B. Blanc) of the Nova Corp. Star-Lord makes a remark about him being a cat and Titus is not having it.

He’s not your average Cat Man.

The Grandmaster shows up to take the Guardians before they are arrested making a mention of “What happens in Conjunction stays in Conjunction.” See where I get the Space Vegas from? His reason for saving them is that he wants to see Drax and Gamora fight since Gamora is a daughter of Thanos and Drax is a force to be reckoned with. But before that the Guardians are tested by some sentry robots and Star-Lord immediately regrets the decision, Rocket doesn’t regret it so much. Drax turns down the Grandmaster’s request and they go on their way.

Seems oddly suspicious.

Drax, Rocket, and Groot head off to get the parts to repair the ship only to find them very overpriced, but only on the parts they need. Rocket and Groot get an idea to have Drax fight in the arena in disguise so they could earn the money to fix the Milano. Drax is still against the idea.

“Don’t get any ideas you two.”

Gamora and Star-Lord, however, are at Club Lunatique to meet with Lunatik (voiced by John DiMaggio). Star-Lord warns Gamora about how he is addressed and other things. But when he arrives Lunatik says that his girlfriend has the crystal because she wanted it. And as luck would have it it’s one of Star-Lord’s ex’s Lucy. Talk about awkward. Lucy makes a small remark about Gamora and Gamora doesn’t stand for that and easily knocks her down causing Lunatik to lose it. Star-Lord gets into a small tussle with him and things don’t look too great.

That line from the movie makes so much more sense now.
Awkward ex issues.
Don’t insult Gamora, it’s just a bad idea.

Jumping back over to Drax we see him in the arena in a luchador mask, like that is a good enough disguise, fighting. He keeps fighting after Rocket goes double or nothing. Back to the bar Lucy is still fighting Gamora, but Lunatik and Star-Lord are just watching. Titus comes in to break the fight up but is shooed away. Star-Lord asks about the crystal and Lunatik says he’ll give it up if he does something first. This prompts Lucy to whine in the most annoying way like a toddler does when they don’t get their way.

Once more we cut back to the arena as Drax is fighting when Thin Lizzy’s The Boys are Back in Town starts playing. Once again the music in this show never ceases to make me happy. Drax keeps winning, Rocket continues to watch his account grow, and Groot repairs the ship or at least tells the repair droids where to do the repairs. All the while Drax climbs the leaderboards until he becomes the Champion. The arena droid then issues one final challenge. If Drax wins Rocket gets a ship all to himself, if he loses then they lose the Milano. He hastily accepts and we find out the deal that Star-Lord made. Gamora has to fight in the arena as well to get the Pandorian Crystal.

Cue montage with awesome music.
Climbing the ranks, and Drax could you please get rid of that awful luchador mask?

Gamora makes a sarcastic remark that goes right over Drax’s head as usual. The Grandmaster shows up laughing that his plan worked out. Drax forfeits costing them the Milano, but the Grandmaster won’t let them out that easily. He covers the arena in a force field trapping everyone in. They now have to fight to the death or everyone is vaporized. So they fight but Drax is not actually fighting which causes Gamora to rile him up by mentioning her past as Thanos’s daughter working with Ronan who killed Drax’s family. That didn’t go over too well.

Drax: “I look nothing like Rocket”
Note to self: don’t talk to Drax about family.

The other run off to the ship having Groot open an underground passage for them. They get to the Milano to find that it’s been booby trapped by the Grandmaster. This prompts Rocket to steal another ship to help the Milano to the shield generator. Which really ticks the Grandmaster off.

Someone looks like they aren’t getting their way.
“Curse you Guardians of the Galaxy!”

Groot and Star-Lord gather the bombs and kick them out onto the generator. Rocket flies his ship into the Grandmaster’s floating platform and knocks him into the arena where the citizens are furious and want blood, but were stopped when Titus and the Nova Corp show up to arrest him leaving us this line:

*inserts opening from CSI Miami*

The Guardians are off and are now one step closer to the Cosmic Seed.

Some slight oversight on the repairs.

Final Thoughts:

Overall it was another fun episode, at least for me, and the lack of fart jokes made it even better. I was getting sick of them honestly. This season looks to be about the race against Thanos and the Collector for the Cosmic Seed and each episode looks to have the team going after another Pandorian Crystal for the box. And hopefully the next adventure is as fun as this one has been.

Guardians of the Galaxy airs Saturdays only on Disney XD

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