Guardians of the Galaxy 1.06 Review: Undercover Angle

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Originally Aired: October 24, 2015

So as this episode title entails, it’s all about working undercover. It opens up at Nova Corps HQ on Planet Xandar. We see 4 Nova Corpsmen walk in and we soon find out that it’s our favorite interstellar hero team The Guardians of the Galaxy. Their reason? Well it turns out that Nova Corps has the last Pandorian Crystal needed for the Spartax map box to the Cosmic Seed. So there’s only 4 suits but 5 Guardians, well it turns out that Rocket and Groot have to share since there isn’t a raccoon option.

Shh. That’s going to get you in trouble.

Along their way they run into Titus and Super-Giant and Titus and a few other corpsmen are shoving Super-Giant into a cell. Drax doesn’t understand her name since she’s normal sized. Keeping true to the characters. Sadly that also comes along with the fact that Drax can’t lie nearly blowing their cover. Star-Lord gives Drax a few acting tips to help out. Kind of funny since it is an undercover episode and Drax isn’t able to be anyone but himself.

A skill that they all need to work on…

The team splits up. Drax is on watch, Star-Lord and Gamora are breaking into an archive/evidence location, and Rocket is in the security room with Groot there. So apparently Star-Lord’s helmet has a lot more functions than I thought, then again I really need to read the comics, because apparently he has a voice recorder and happens to have a voice recording of Titus to get into the room. Meanwhile Drax is saying “I am Nova Corps. We are all Nova Corps.” To every corpsmen that walks by. Gamora finds the locker and needs Rocket to disable the force field around it, except he pushes the wrong button and sets Super-Giant on the loose. Drax and Star-Lord go and fight her after she grows in size, now does the name make sense Drax? There’s a quick Wilhelm scream from Drax as he gets punched and Rocket Groot, yep that’s what I call them when they have to share a suit, shows up to help.

You could have just guessed Drax, wait no you wouldn’t have.

Gamora finds the crystal before two corpsmen show up, she quickly evades them all before locking them away in the vault and almost instantly dealing with Super-Giant as well. Then we find out that she’s another of Star-Lord’s exes. Oh boy here we go again! Titus finds out who they are before they leave and just misses them. But since they are still cloaked as a Nova ship they get a call to help a ship. Drax, still acting as Nova Corps runs off and leaps out of the ship to save them. After, Titus shows up questioning them right as the cloak comes off and Rocket walks out. That’s twice now buddy.

Wrong again buddy, timing is key.

In jail Titus offers them a deal, go sneak into the Black Order, of which Super-Giant is a part of, and find out if they have a powerful weapon. The team heads off to a bar on a desert planet. Star-Lord goes and introduces himself to the Black Order as such and they all go “Who?” By far the best line in the episode. They see right through his ruse as they have a guy who could use mind control to get him to confess. Drax uses his new found acting skills to get around the mind control, Gamora is used to it because of Thanos, Rocket shouts about a gun, and Groot is Groot.

No seriously. Who?

They “help” the Black Order find the weapon and it just so happens to be Ronan’s Hammer from the movie. The Order is sending it back to Thanos but not before Quill rats the rest of his team out, way to go. The Order and the Guardians fight, but Quill is sorta under mind control still, it’ll make more sense later, so he has to fight Drax. Again not the best decision. Titus shows up and reveals that he’s really just as bad as the criminals he arrests. He’s in it to steal valuables and make money. He takes the hammer and both sides work together to fight him before Star-Lord uses his helmet to not only record Titus’s confession, but transmit it straight to Nova Corps. Ouch bye Titus! But not before making the best joke so far in the series.

But where’s the parachute pants?

They get their stuff back from Titus and take off with the hammer before Titus gets arrested. The Cosmic Seed map is now complete. Here we find out that Star-Lord really was just acting the entire time. Which forces Drax to chase him around the Milano ending the episode.

Now Pete, choose your words correctly.
You never listen do you?

Final Thoughts:

I really can’t say enough on how much fun I’m having watching this show. It’s referencing the movies and it sort of creates an alternate story of what they do before the second movie. Again I am laughing so much while watching these and I really can’t wait to see what’s next.

Guardians of the Galaxy airs Saturdays only on Disney XD

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