Is Marvel Prepping a Moon Knight Show for Netflix?

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It looks like Marvel’s building what will be, for all practical purposes, two cinematic universes. The first is the big, bright, billion dollar one we all know about with The Avengers, Agents of SHIELD and the rest. The second, Netflix-based universe is a darker, grimmer one with Daredevil, Jessica Jones and, eventually, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. The two properties can and do reference each other, but they’re dramatically different in look and feel and, if the rumors are true, the latter is about to get bigger.

Heroic Hollywood’s Umberto “El Mayimbe” Gonzales was a guest on Collider Heroes video cast this week, and the gang discussed Marvel’s new mystery movies that it’s slated for 2020. Someone suggests one of the new movies could be Moon Knight—a suggestion Gonzales dismisses, as he’s apparently been told Moon Knight is being launched via a backdoor pilot as a new Netflix series. Check it out at the ten-minute mark.

It’s just a rumor at this point, but it makes sense. Marc Spector, a.k.a. Moon Knight, is a weird, fascinating dude. He’s called Marvel’s Batman, but Moon Knight is about ten times more mentally unhinged than Bruce Wayne (and about one hundred percent more devoted to the worship of the moon god Kohnshu, who may or may not be real.) His legendarily violent 2006 series written by Charlie Huston fits well within the world Netflix is crafting. And he’s got that awesome hood.

That’s about all we know for now, but we’ll keep you up to date with any other news that breaks!

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