“Step out in Style” with Marvel at Disneyland’s Dapper Day!

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Marvelous Events – ” A chance to Step out in Style” with Marvel and Disney’s Dapper Day!

September 18th was Dapper Day, an annual Disneyland tradition that’s been going strong and growing strong since 2011. The event is unticketed, hosted by an independent group with the blessing of the Disneyland and Disneyworld resorts (as well as Disneyland Paris.) It’s motivation is simple, “Step out in Style” and show the world your best. While most might consider it an opportunity to showcase Disneyland at it’s conception during the 1950s, the event has become a popular destination for everyone from enthusiasts to “disneybounders” a tradition based on re-creating Disney outfits.


If you’re a cosplay enthusiast, a Disney enthusiast, or simply want to enjoy an elegant setting while wearing classy attire this event is a must, and it continues to be a must for Marvel fans. The Marvel Report was privileged to cover the event in style, representing a popular fandom caricature “the hydra baker”, we went out in search of some of the best Marvel Disneybounds, people that showcase their love of their favorite characters with style, class, and flare.


Rides are available, but the event has continued to grow in popularity. It’s expo, an opportunity to purchase vintage clothing and supplies, was moved from the Grand Californian Hotel at Disney’s California Adventure to the Disneyland Hotel, a much larger and considerably more spacious location. In attendance (to demonstrate the size and scope of the event) was Besame, suppliers of Agent Peggy Carter’s makeup, along with several other purveyors of classic attire who aim to help the uncultured (such as yours truly) truly step out in style and strut their stuff.


The Marvel Report recommends visiting the expo first, to look for that essential piece to your outfit or your costume, as Disneybounds, or outfits mimicking those of other characters have become increasingly popular. Among some favorites were Captain America, Thor, Loki, Black Widow and even Hydra! Please visit our gallery to examine some of the best Marvel bounds, as well as some classically inspired outfits!  If you’re looking for inspiration visit “Carter’s Cosplay Corner” for cosplay ideas to bring your favorite Marvel characters to life!


Check out our photo gallery of Marvelous Disneybounds taken by Nicole Quinn Cosplay – as well as other ideas from this very popular event!

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