Scarlet Witch is the Wild Card in Civil War

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Scarlet Witch Captain America Civil War

Have you noticed that Scarlet Witch is not in any of the team photos that you’ve seen popping up thus far for Captain America:  Civil War?   Like everything that Marvel does, that was no accident.  With her second Marvel movie now in the books (Civil War is currently in post-production and will be in theaters May 6, 2016), actor Elizabeth Olsen recently sat down with USA Today and gave a deeper look into the role that Scarlet Witch plays in the upcoming Marvel movie.

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She’s coming into her own and starting to understand and have conflict with how she wants to use her abilities. It’s a dramatic conflict within her and obviously there’s conflict within the (Avengers) as well. I like that they didn’t release Scarlet Witch in the promo photos for the teams — it places her as being a wild card, and I like her having that kind of edge that people don’t know what she’s capable of. They can fear her because she is so incredibly powerful in a different way than the rest of the heroes for the most part. I like playing that role within the gang.

Having just lost her only family (Pietro) in Avengers:  Age of Ultron, Scarlet Witch is welcomed into her new family (The Avengers) only to find that family to be fractured as well.  How will she handle it? How will she react?  No one really knows at this point.

Yeah, and I love that about her. So many times when people roll their eyes about, “Oh superhero movies…” and then they see them and they’re like, “They’re actually really awesome.” People don’t expect how invested they become because they’re actually great conflicts that we get to play and great action and great humor — there’s a lot to latch onto as an audience member.

On the subject of Quicksilver’s death in Age of Ultron, I’m always curious just how much even the actors know about the full script.  Do they know just their little part of the story, or do they see the big picture before the release?  We know how secretive the Marvel Cinematic Universe has to be in order to keep spoilers from reaching the public too soon.

Yeah, but it’s also like a superhero movie. It’s insane but they just made a whole television series (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) about a dead guy. (Laughs) So who knows? But we did always know how that was going to end. At the same time, they had to shoot two endings because they didn’t want the crew to know or want it to get out. They did an incredible job of keeping that under wraps.

I’m always fascinated by the lengths that Marvel goes to try to keep too much from leaking to the public too soon.  Personally I’d like to find Barry the Security Guy and give him a big high five!  You’re my hero, Barry.

When you get the pages that you’re filming that day, you’re not allowed to take those home with you. They account for everyone at the end of the day and then they shred it. Barry, who’s our security guy and is amazing, he can detect a paparazzi from like a 15-mile radius. He’s incredible. Obviously he can’t lock down public streets and bridges and things like that, but he locks down everything he can. They have a zero tolerance policy for releasing photos on a set. It’s pretty serious — you feel like you’re doing something for the government and you’re making a movie.

Scarlet Witch Captain America Civil War

She also discussed how after two movies, Olsen feels an “ownership” of the Scarlet Witch character now and how she wants her to be portrayed just right in the movies.

Absolutely! I have a movement coach for the way she throws her hexes so I’m very protective over that. It’s something that was created out of whatever uniquely we made up for the first film. Now we have this huge attachment to it and we don’t want to see it messed up. It’s not like there’s stunt rehearsal for it — she and I go create it and then people say yes or no. We have a trajectory plan of how we want it to evolve and change. That creative physical power is really cool.

Lastly Olsen was asked if she thought that super hero movies were a fad, and going away any time soon.

I don’t think they’re going to go away. I mean, they’ve been around my entire childhood and they go back to television shows in the ‘50s so that’s just a silly thing to say.

Silly indeed!  Personally, Scarlet Witch was one of my favorite parts about Avengers:  Age of Ultron, I wish we had seen more of her.  Captain America:  Civil War can’t get here soon enough.

Now where is that trailer?!

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