Dubsmash Wars Winners Announced

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The Dubsmash Wars 2015 have officially come to a close tonight with the winners announced and the final two Dubsmash videos posted.

As per the terms set in the challenge video, the winning team would get to decide both the song and how the non-winning team would dress. Team Carter went for the traditional harking back to their British roots:


All of us here at The Marvel Report would like to offer our congratulations to the winners of the Dubsmash Wars. You have contributed to two worthy causes (Stomp Out Bullying and St. Jude’s) and we commend you for your contributions.  (If you are wondering, the song for this dubsmash is Wham!’s “Club Tropicana”):


It has been a wild summer for Team Carter, Team SHIELD, and all of us fans who have been eagerly watching Twitter for the latest Dubsmash videos. If you would like to see it all again, starting back in July during San Diego Comic Con, check out this compilation video, created by Belle Gaudreau:

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Even if you aren’t one of the lucky winners, we hope you recognize just how extraordinary the Dubsmash Wars 2015 event has been for fans and actors, cast, and crew alike. Money, time, love, and creativity was given to help others. Just think about it: thousands of lives have been affected, for the better, because four actors wanted to do something fun instead of being bored. It might make you wonder: what other fun things can we do together to better the world?

team carter feeling awesometeam shield has the power

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