Guardians of the Galaxy 1.10 Review: Bad Moon Rising

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Original Air Date: November 28 2015

Alright here we are! To my knowledge we have reached the last episode of Guardians of the Galaxy for the year. Not of the season as I’ve said a few posts back. Seriously should do a bit more research next time. Hope all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving have enjoyed your fill of food and leftovers! And now we are in Christmas territory. But before that let’s get on with the episode.


The episode opens with the Milano in space with Star-Lord bored out of his mind on the search for the Cosmic Seed with no luck at all. So he gets the bright idea of playing a car game, you know the ones kids play on long road trips? Before the invention of handheld devices? No? Ok. Well Star-Lord then yells out “SLUG STAR!” And punches Groot and upsets him. Gamora threatens him to get him to stop and now Groot’s feelings are hurt. This goes on for a little bit seeing as it wasn’t the smartest idea.

This can’t be good.

They arrive where the Dead Moon Mandala is supposed to be, but isn’t. Oh and Nebula shows up to the party, as usual, unannounced and uninvited. Oh and she has the Universal Weapon! Great! And Drax is beyond confused. A few episodes back he threw the weapon into Nebula’s ship and looked like he destroyed it. Oops. So Star-Lord starts spinning the Milano “barrel-roll” style and flings Nebula off into space.

Just look out the window, it’s there for a reason.

With that Nebula’s ship flies after and the Guardians continue searching for Mandala, the dead planet that really isn’t because you know Cosmic Seed mumbo jumbo.

Nebula is blasting off again! Seems like a recurring issue for her.

They land and begin searching on foot finding that trees are sprouting from nowhere. Not just Groot though, like actual trees. Rocket goes nuts unexplainably, to be explained later, and Drax is threatening to eat him. “Fish are Friends not Food” from Finding Nemo comes to mind when this is happening.


The Gamora forgets things, Drax too and fights Gamora for real this time, and Star-Lord is now the voice of reason. There is no hope. Turns out the cure is not being on the surface, so Star-Lord makes his own. So the problem looks to be that the planet makes you immature, and it doesn’t affect Star-Lord because he’s not mature to begin with. Makes a lot of sense actually. Oh and the moon is alive and wants them all to be their old selves. Oh Good Grief.

Where’d that crowd cheering sound come from, they’re alone…

Just when it couldn’t get worse, Nebula shows up. Star-Lord gets the genius idea to have them all chase him to the Cosmic Seed since they all want to fight, minus Groot. Turns out Nebula was here before. And used the planet’s energy to bring Ronan back.

After ten thousand years I’m free!… Wait wrong series.

This can’t be good. Nebula gives Ronan his weapon back and he attacks her. I feel like someone didn’t get the memo. So then the Guardians run into Ronan so another Dance Battle is in order?

Yes, you have to.

Ronan strikes Mandala and throws the Guardians of the Galaxy into a large ditch and Nebula tosses Gamora in as well. The Guardians now are working to get out, and Ronan is making Mandala move towards Xandar. Star-Lord reasons with the moon and now the Guardians are back to normal, as normal as they could be anyways. Groot attempts to disconnect Ronan and the moon. Gamora beats up Nebula as well which is fun! Ronan is forcing Mandala to attack Xandar but fights back throwing them back into space.

More like guard am I right?

The Cosmic Seed once more is also somewhere else too so off they go leaving the planet but before leaving Star-Lord makes the Moon Mandala an honorary member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

So now there’s a moon on the team. Thanos better watch out now!

The episode ends with Star-Lord using the Milano as a slingshot again but for himself. The rest of the Guardians want to join as well because that really does look fun. And with that the episode is over.

It’s actually a lot more fun than it looks.

Final Thoughts:

So is it just me or has this show really kicked it up a notch again from last week? I really think it’s picking up steam. Hopefully I’m wrong about this being the last episode of the year because I feel like we need a bit more of this before we actually get into the really heavy story stuff. Not to say this wasn’t. The cast really took it up a notch this time too with most of them having to turn the time dial back on there characters. I espeically loved hearing Vanessa Marshall play past Gamora and David Sobolov play past Drax. Those two characters have changed so much since they joined and I had fun watching them actually fight for once. So I really enjoyed the episode and now that Ronan’s back things might start to get a bit crazier again before the season ends. I’m quite thankful that this is only the beginning for this season.

Guardians of the Galaxy airs Saturdays only on Disney XD

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