Guardians of the Galaxy 1.07 Review: The Backstabbers

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Original Air Date: November 7 2015

And we are back after a small Halloween break. Miss these goofballs yet? Well you’re in for a treat this week.


It opens up again on the planet Xandar, aka Nova Corps HQ, and the Guardians are eavesdropping on a Nova Corps briefing where Nova Prime talks about Thanos and how he is looking for a replacement general since Ronan was defeated back in the movie. At the same time Drax has the Universal Weapon, for some reason, and everyone is telling him to put it down before he destroys the ship. Probably a good idea since it is one of the most powerful objects in the universe, minus the infinity stones however. Star-Lord accidentally spills a few secrets including one about Drax sleeping with a stuffed animal, which we find out belonged to his late daughter, named Mr. Rhinopus. Aw how cute.

Even the toughest people have a soft side.

Nova Prime states that Thanos will be naming a new general based off communication from Korath, Nebula, and Gamora? That can’t be right she’s one of the good guys! The team is confused and begin asking questions before she goes back up to the cockpit. There Star-Lord uses the Spartax Cryptocube to find the Cosmic Seed, but the location changed. And right as that happened they are attacked by a giant Space Kraken. Now I’ve officially seen everything.

Space Cthulu? We’re doomed!

As per Guardian tradition they immediately begin attacking the Space Kraken, with nothing damaging it. So they head into the monster and attack it form the inside and easily finish it off. Once Star-Lord, Rocket, Groot, and Drax regain their control on their space pods they notice the Milano is missing and that Gamora ran off with it. They head down to the planet and find the crashed ship but no Gamora and no Cryptocube. Luckily Rocket puts tracers on everything. Including Groot. Which begs the question why?

How did Groot not notice this? Or anyone really?

Star-Lord goes off on his own and finds Gamora on a different planet, also having crashed landed. It turns out Gamora was meeting up with Nebula, been awhile since we last saw her. They were there to exchange the Cryptocube, but Gamora claims that Korath took it from her. Star-Lord is taken hostage and on the ship he manages to escape without his stuff. Not the smartest team leader that’s for sure. Here we find out that Gamora really was just trying to turn Nebula and Korath against each other but couldn’t tell Star-Lord because he sucks at keeping secrets.

Should’ve been obvious. She did it once before!

Turns out she actually only told Groot, good choice honestly. And he also had the Cryptocube all along. Gamora goes to rescue Star-Lord only to see he escaped without his equipment so she grabs it and heads along to bump into him. He trusted that she was faking the entire time and accidentally spills the actual plan as they both walk in front of Nebula, seriously who put him in charge of anything? So now both Nebula and Korath head for where Groot, Drax, and Rocket are only to find nothing. Actually since the cloaking didn’t work Groot just covered the ship himself. Is it wrong that Groot is really the only smart one on the team?


Gamora and Star-Lord free themselves and knock Nebula out only to have Gamora fire on Korath on Nebula’s behalf before Star-Lord fake reveals that Nebula was working with them all along. But then the two Guardians escape.

Of all the lines you could’ve used, you went with a HAIR PUN?

The Milano is having troubles moving so Drax slams the Universal Weapon into the engine, because that’s a smart idea, and it miraculously begins to fly. Back in space Gamora and Star-Lord try to escape the ensuing space battle only to end up having to face off against Korath face to face.

And yet you happen to be at a lot?

The supped up Milano flies straight towards Nebula but bounces right off her ship’s shield. Korath has the upper hand in the fight against Gamora but Star-Lord gets a straight shot onto his chest and flings him into space. The Milano now has stopped and Nebula has them in her crosshairs. That is until Drax throws the Universal Weapon straight into her ship and mostly destroys it.

So you threw away a powerful weapon, that you could’ve fought Thanos with?! Ok….

Korath gets picked up, Gamora and Star-Lord return to the Milano, and everyone runs off in their separate ways. Korath managed to steal Gamora’s picture of the map to the Cosmic Seed and Nebula now has The Universal Weapon. Uh…Oh…. But it turns out that Gamora tipped off Nova Corps about her involvement so that it was believable also only telling Groot was her idea of the right choice but as Rocket said next time just tell them and leave them out of it. It’s probably for the better. Oh and the episode ends on Drax hitting the ship once again. Seriously? Watch where you’re swinging those axes.

Kids don’t swing your laser axes above your head in a low ceiling environment. It’s best for everyone.

Final Thoughts:

Although fun this episode really wasn’t giving it 100%. It’s a very common plot used in shows of a similar nature and I really was hoping for a new fresh take on the trope. It also painted the characters as untrustworthy. I get it they are sort of space criminals but they can at least trust each other right? Hopefully next week the team dynamic will be back and better than before because that’s what I like about these guys.

Guardians of the Galaxy airs Saturdays only on Disney XD

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