Guardians of the Galaxy 1.09 Review: We Are Family

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Guardians of the Galaxy: Season 1 Episode 9 “We Are Family”

Original Air Date: November 21 2015

So here we are at the penultimate episode of the first “half” of Season 1 of Guardians of the Galaxy. I looked into it and there’s still 16 more episodes after next week’s. And this actually was one of the more fun episodes.

Sadly the drones don’t dance to the song.


Opens up on a planet, the Guardians of the Galaxy are off to find the cosmic seed, again. Rocket and Drax discuss family and it gets sad. Groot feels the planet is familiar, turns out it has the drones from the lab where they met. Aw memories. Turns out they are still wanted and the Guardians fight off the drones. Star-Lord and Rocket talk about it and turns out Rocket never mentioned it before. Oops. And immediately after Rocket causes a landslide forcing the team from where they are into a river. Again oops. Oh and apparently Drax can’t swim.

I would have never known until now.

And almost immediately after they fall off a waterfall. Groot and Rocket managed to stay back though and rocket continues to fight the drones. Rocket gets captured and Groot continues to fight and tries to save Rocket before also being captured.

I thought wood was a poor electrical conductor. Guess I was wrong.

Drax almost drowns but is saved and then the rest of the team notices that rocket and Groot have been taken. The transport ship goes to a different planet, Halfworld, with Groot and Rocket in tow. Turns out they’ve been tracked the entire time and only want their info on the cosmic seed energy. And as a result the animals are now rebelling. And that there is a Rebel base. Um ok, where’s the Death Star?

These are not the rebels you are looking for.

Woah and it looks like Rocket’s family now has been upgraded too. Oh no. More raccoons like Rocket. This can’t be good. Rocket ends up tricking the robots to open up the dimension vial and now he has his arsenal and his family as well, minus his brother. They almost escape when they run into another band of cybernetic enhanced animals.

Must be evil since they are shadowed and have red eyes. Right?

Oh just turns out to be Rocket’s brother and his crew Blackjack, a rabbit I think, and Wal Rus, the you guessed Walrus. They head to the rebel base to meet the rebels before trying contact the rest of the team, but the signal doesn’t get through the energy shield around the planet. The raccoon family takes a picture together and it’s actually the cutest thing to come from this show.

Even highly evolved raccoons enjoy the occasional family selfie.

Pyko, the rebel leader and also a turtle/tortoise, is introduced and I have a bad feeling about him. Groot and I feel the same about Pyko. Rocket and Groot go and do some detective work when they run into a drone begging for help and revealed that Pyko isn’t such a nice guy after all. Turns out Pyko followed with Blackjack, Wal Rus, and Ranger to then steal Rocket’s cosmic seed powered crystal to give Ranger an “upgrade”.

Ranger Smash!

Ranger goes berserk, imagine angering the Hulk, and attacks Groot and Rocket. But dissension forms in the ranks as Groot takes back the crystal, except Pyko takes a chunk. Rocket escapes with his family and yet somehow Ma Raccoon still somehow finds a way to blame Rocket. Reminds me of my house except flipped. I’m oldest and I get blamed for almost everything.

I feel your frustration Rocket.

They go off to the new lab and immediately surrender do that they can get a cure. Hopefully in time before all the rebels become hulk like. And just in the nick of time the remaining Guardians make it to the planet in the loudest, most obnoxious way possible. Star-Lord can be so clueless sometimes. And Drax just wants to fight something. Typical.

It ain’t a party until Drax breaks someone’s face.

Gamora then points out the now mutated Wal Rus, Blackjack, and Ranger heading for them. Drax is about to have some fun. The Guardians then fight off the “more evolved” rebels.

Now I’m genuinely curious. A Drax episode where he wrestles various creatures? I’m in.

Meanwhile Rocket runs to take his family to safety. Rocket goes after Pyko and now the robots have finished the devolution ray. Problem is there’s only enough for one shot. So Rocket decides to fire it up at the energy wall and bathe the entire atmosphere with it, problem being it would reverse him and his mom and sister as well. The beam fires off and devolves all the animals, except Rocket since apparently it was different for him. Rocket says goodbye to his family once more before making sure the drones take good care of all life on Halfworld.

Just as they were getting along too. :'(

The episode finishes off on a high note when Drax comments on the picture and smiles at Rocket.

Does this mean Drax is into amateur photography?

Final Thoughts:
Overall this episode was actually better than a lot of the others this season and I think this show is finally hitting the rhythm it is needing to keep going. The fact that it’s a Rocket focus helped too seeing that we got his family, for a short period of time, and their interactions. Hopefully the rest of the season continues like this.

Guardians of the Galaxy airs Saturdays only on Disney XD

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