Jessica Jones Episode 2 “AKA Crush Syndrome”

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After the shocking twist and turns of the first episode the second episode of Jessica Jones explores relationships and more about Jessica’s past with Killgrave. Jessica Jones is more determined than ever to defeat the man who caused her so much pain.

Plot Summary

Killgrave has returned to Jessica Jones’ life. In the first episode he manipulated and mind controlled a young girl, Hope, to kill her parents. Now she is being arrested for her parents’ murder. Jessica is the only person who can prove her innocence. Jessica tries to find clues that Killgrave has left behind and stumbles onto his weakness.

This episode also explores Jessica’s relationship with Luke and Trish. Jessica was investigating into a relationship that Luke had with a married woman. She is meddling into his personal life. Her snooping allows for them to both learn more about each other. Luke sees that Jessica has abilities and he reveals that he has unbreakable skin.

Luke is not the only character we learn more about, this episode also explores more of Trish and Jessica’s unlikely friendship. Trish wants to help her friend, and Jessica pushes Trish away. In the end of the episode it’s revealed that Trish doesn’t want to be a victim. She is learning martial arts (something very similar to her comic book counterpart.)


This was a very strong second episode after an intense first episode.  “AKA Crush Syndrome” turns down the heat, but still leaves you with a lot of character development, which is needed for the audience to find a connection with Jessica and her supporting characters.

Jessica continues to try to be a loner, but the most interesting part about this episode is that Jessica pretends that she doesn’t care about people. She pushes away Trish because she doesn’t want her best friend to get hurt.

A telling scene with Jessica was the scene with Killgrave’s victim on dialysis. The boy had a stroke and wrote to Jessica that he wanted to be killed. She could have easily obeyed his wishes, but she cares too much about people. She walks away and mouths I am sorry.

As I said earlier this episode is very much about relationships and one of my favorite relationships from this episode was Jessica’s relationship with Trish. They are two people that seem like complete opposites. Trish is a talk show host who is well liked and Jessica rather be a loner and talk to no one. But some how this relationship works! I think it’s Trish’s determination to be in Jessica’s life and her determination to help her friend.

Even though Trish seems like the bright side of Jessica Jones, this episode reveals that she has a few demons also. Trish has bruises all over her arm and it’s revealed that she also has a very bad relationship with her mother. The scene that excited me the most with her character is that she is trying to learn martial arts. They are starting her on the Hellcat route sooner than I thought they would on the show. It’s cool to see a few heroes’ journeys in this show, which leads me into Luke Cage.

A scene I really enjoyed in this episode was Luke’s reveal of his super power. Luke revealed to Jessica that he was different, but it didn’t feel like other superhero/comic book show reveals. This scene felt more grounded. Luke and Jessica aren’t trying to be heroes. They are people trying to live their lives and they so happen to have super powers. This is a take I have never seen in a comic book show or at least to this extent.

Two characters who didn’t have much screen time in this episode, but I do want to applaud are Hope and Killgrave. Erin Moriarty’s performance in both episodes 1 and 2 is heartbreaking. Hope is going through a lot of emotions and Moriatry portrays that perfectly. She is guilty about killing her parents, but also still dealing with the emotions of being controlled by Killgrave. Being told everyday that she would never be as good as Jessica.

A glimpse of Killgrave is seen in the end of the episode and it’s terrifying. You don’t even get a clear shot of his face, but you see the terribly things he does and what he can do. Less is more and Jessica Jones uses this idea perfectly with Killgrave.

The only character I have’t found a connection to is Hope’s new lawyer. She seems like she will play an important part in the series, but so far she is the least interesting character in the show and for some reason doesn’t fit as of right now.

The second episode of Jessica Jones isn’t as tense as the first episode, but that is perfectly okay. This episode built the characters and makes the audience care about their journey.

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