Welcome to Cooking with Marvel: A.K.A The Marvel Menu!

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Cooking Marvel

Welcome to Cooking with Marvel, A.K.A. The Marvel Menu!

September 15th, 1977 the world is still reeling from the release of the first Star Wars movie on May 25th, Rod Stewart tops the charts with his “Tonight’s the Night (Gonna be all right)” and Jack Kirby is a guest at the San Diego Comic Con.  Amid all of this, Marvel releases a comic book, Stan Lee Presents “The Mighty Marvel Superheroes Cookbook” and the world is forever changed by the addition of Spider-Man pancakes and he-man burritos themed to the eater of worlds. (Our inspiration for The Marvel Menu)

Fast forward to 2015, the MCU is in full swing, a new generation of creative types is in control at Marvel which include a possibly overly happy mouse.  “Hello” by Adele tops the charts and what was a con that began in the basement of the El Cortez hotel is now the hottest event on the planet.Stan Lee’s cookbook is 72 dollars, and we have a whole host of new characters that deserve their own food and drinks.  Enter The Marvel Menu brought to you by the fine folks at the marvel report, a cookbook and mixology guide by fans for fans.  No longer will you have to look for that one one themed drink post you reblogged on your tumblr that one time, no longer will you be at a loss for that themed MCU party.  Featuring guest chefs (yes! actual attended cooking school chefs!) as well as recipes from all of us to all of you, this section is for you.  Everyone eats, as they say.

From your favorite heroes to your favorite villains, from alcoholic drinks and family friendly recipes to mouth watering desserts the marvel menu aims to be your a-number one source for comic book themed dishes for entertaining or a fun night with the family.  You can check back here for HYDRA tacos, SHIELD hamburgers, SHIELD cafeteria style dishes and Captain America’s favorite pies.  Why pay 72 dollars for a first edition cookbook or do a desperate search for it when you can make your own delicious dishes right here?  Topping the charts just time time for the premiere of our

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