The MCU and How #ItsAllConnected (Video)

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The most amazing part of the 12 movies in the first two phases of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) is how they are all connected.  While each movie tells its own story, rabid Marvel fans sit on the edge of their seats looking for the slightest hint at something that ties into another movie.  I remember when we saw Captain America:  The Winter Soldier for the first time, when Sitwell mentioned Steven Strange, there was an audible gasp from the crowd.  You could hear people say “Steven Strange!!!” excitedly.

We’ve now come to expect post-credit scene(s) with our Marvel movies, and while some are just for fun (the creature chasing birds at the end of Thor:  The Dark World), most of them have far more meaning.  By the way, was that creature a Bilgesnipe?  I always wondered if it was.

MCU IConnected Bilgesnipe

A new featurette was included as part of the Marvel Studios Phase Two Blu Ray set just released on December 8.  Narrated mainly by Kevin Feige as well as Clark Gregg, Robert Downey Jr., James Gunn, Shane Black and Joss Whedon the ten minute video details how the MCU is all connected through “tags” or post-credit scenes.

The video details many of the post credit scenes we’ve all known and loved over the years and discusses how and when the scenes come about.  From the Tesseract (“Well I guess that’s worth a look”) to Howard the Duck and The Wasp, hear many of the actors and directors discuss their place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Go behind “The Shawarma Scene” and to Thanos’ throne, to Banner and Stark’s therapy session as well as Strucker’s lab subjects “The Twins”.

There are even some pieces from the upcoming Captain America:  Civil War movie, including General “Thunderbolt” Ross (Willian Hurt) who we haven’t seen since the last Hulk movie in 2008 – in a post-credit scene with Iron Man.  Iron Man was also released in 2008, and that movie was the first to have a post-credit scene (Nick Fury).  Now it’s not a matter of IF a Marvel movie will have a post-credit scene, but how many?

I don’t know about you but these compilation videos that cover so many of the Marvel movies just give me goosebumps.  The hashtag could not be more true – #ItsAllConnected.

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