Agent Carter Season 1 Soundtrack Now Available

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Fans of Marvel’s Agent Carter can now re-live the first season musically with the Agent Carter Season 1 Soundtrack. The music for Marvel’s Agent Carter: Season 1 (Original Television Soundtrack) was composed by Christopher Lennertz. The soundtrack is available for digital download for $11.49 on iTunes and Amazon, and it’s also free to stream with a subscription to Spotify. Los Angeles-based singer Ayana Haviv contributed vocals to the tracks “Peggy Remembers Cap” and “Bring Him Home.” Lennertz also composed the soundtrack for 2013’s Agent Carter Marvel One-Shotwhich you can hear here and here.

If you would like the full Agent Carter musical experience, I highly recommend checking out the Agent Carter post on TuneFind, which includes listings of all the music which wasn’t arranged by Christopher Lennertz. And, as a bonus, if you were wondering what the song used in the first Agent Carter season 2 trailer was, it is Randi Demarco’s “Shaboom.”

You can find the entire track listing below:  
(Beware of spoilers if you have not watched season one)

Marvel's Agent Carter Season 1 Soundtrack

Peggy Remembers Cap

Back Alley Surprise

Bad Babies

Typewriter Spy Messages

Green Man Fight

Blondes and Money

Morning After Shooting

Dairy Van Implosion

Dottie’s Training

Forgot the Password

Thompson’s Navy Cross

Instill Fear

Dottie Sneaks In

Peggy Saves Thompson

Inside the Minds of Soldiers

Leviathan Is Coming

Vest of Destruction

Check the Rooftops

Bring Him Home

We Have to Let Him Go

Peggy Gets Her Respect

Honored to Assist You

You can also stream the entire soundtrack below:

More listening suggestions:

If you’re a fan of Hayley Atwell, check out the newest Peggy Carter Podcast episode featuring an exclusive interview with Agent Carter herself

You can also listen via the player below – 


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