PAGES & PANELS: The Best Of Marvel Comics 11/25/2015

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Welcome to “Pages & Panels: The Best of Marvel Comics.” As the name suggests this column will feature a look at the best pages and panels of the week, as chosen by The Marvel Report staff. The selections, just like Marvel Comics as a whole, will run the gamut from heartfelt, to funny, and everything between. Not only will the biggest, and most important moments of the week be highlighted, but quieter moments as well.

To make matters even more interesting you the readers will have a say in what gets crowned as Panel of The Week. Make sure to vote for your favorite in the poll.

Speaking of polls the winner of last week’s fan vote with exactly a third of the vote was “Jessica’s Maternity Leave Party”


Now onto last week’s titles. Given the nature of the column there will potentially be spoilers every week. Consider this a SPOILER WARNING!

Written by Tom Taylor
Art by David Lopez


Why: For a time displaced teenager, Warren sure is wise beyond his years. In all seriousness though, Laura’s relationship with Warren is surprising in how much I find myself caring about it. I’m enjoying how several of the ‘All New All Different’ solo titles feature members of the supporting cast that are treated with just as much reverence as the title character. You have Misty Knight over in Captain America, and Angel here in All New Wolverine. – John


Why: Wolverine has her very own #CloneClub & I hope they stick around for awhile. – John


Why: It’s such a simple scene, but I never get tired of Laura’s healing power. It’s shown so matter of fact. – Kathryn


Why: I love how Laura uses her claws in this scene. We have seen the classic scene of Logan using his claws on an enemy like that, but with Laura she also has her claw in her foot. Taylor has been using this in unique ways so far. – Kathryn


Why: I really liked the dialogue in this scene. Laura’s clone is curious why Wolverine lives such a mundane life. – Kathryn

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Valerio Schiti


Why: This is just a really cool double splash page by a really good artist. Not to mention it’s nice to see the two newest members of the team not only getting a chance to shine, but playing off one another so well. – John

Why: Great double splash page and I really love the team’s chemistry in this book. – Kathryn

Written by Amy Reeder & Brandon Montclare
Art by Natacha Bustos


Why: Introducing Marvel’s newest heroine, Lunella Lafayette, a.k.a. Moon Girl. This first issue was a nice introduction to a wonderful character. Lunella is brilliant, and just a bit goofy. Not even the most hard nosed of readers will be able to resist her charm. Only time will tell if we are looking at the next Ms. Marvel, but the series is well on its way. – John

S.H.I.E.L.D. #12
Written by Mark Waid
Art by Joe Bennett


Why: Mark Waid closes out his run on S.H.I.E.L.D. with a time travel story that sees the Avengers dead, and Coulson’s team sneaking into Asgard as Earth’s last line of defense. Yes, that’s Coulson with Cap’s shield, Fitz with Ant-Man’s helmet, Simmons with Spider-Man’s web slingers, and May with Iron Man’s gauntlet. I love comics. – John

Written by Robbie Thompson
Art by Stacey Lee


Why: Cindy Moon a.k.a. Silk has been nothing but a pleasant surprise in the eight issues (Previous 7 were before Secret Wars) that she’s had her own title. She is a character that by all means shouldn’t work at all. She has a convoluted origin that relies on retcons, and a tie-in to a big event (Spider-Verse). When you see pages like this however, it becomes clear why she has captured the hearts of many readers. – John


Why: It’s going to be fun to see Silk trying to be bad when she is so not bad. – Kathryn

Written by Dan Slott
Art by Michael Allred


Why: We get so use to certain characters wearing the same outfit in cartoons and comics because it’s easy for the artist and sometimes the outfit becomes iconic for the character. In this scene Dawn points out that she doesn’t like change. She can’t even pick out a different outfit. I really like that Dan Slott poked fun at this. – Kathryn

Written by Robbie Thompson
Art by Ariel Olivetti


Why: This first issue was a lot of fun. I never thought we’d see Flash Thompson with the Venom symbiote running around in space, as the hero of a sci-fi/action-adventure comic. It works though, and works well. I’m also really looking forward to seeing how Flash’s relationship with 803 develops. – John

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