ABC Pilot “Marvel’s Most Wanted” casts Dominic Fortune

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According to Deadline Hollywood, Marvel has begun to cast it’s “most wanted” actors, starting with Delroy Lindo as Dominic Fortune – notorious treasure hunter and thrill seeker.  First appearing in Marvel Preview #2 circa 1975, Dominic Fortune was created for Marvel’s Comics – Code free black and white magazine.  Fortune is a costumed mercenary and adventurer for hire who’s path crosses with Steve Rogers and a number of other individuals.


Fortune is a similar character to Patsy Walker who was pulled from Marvel Comics short lived romantic comic book series to become a hero and adventurer. As a man with his own super soldier serum, he, like Steve Rogers is over 100 years old.  He recently made an appearance in the Agents of SHIELD comics written by Mark Waid and has a roguish attitude perfectly on par with Morse and Hunter’s banter and charm.  It leaves the future very exciting as far as Marvel properties go, who knows how deep in their legacy they might go to find new characters for us to enjoy?

For that matter, with a character like Fortune, what could that mean for Mores and Hunter’s operations?  He is notorious for operating without official backing and while he operates on the side of good he does tend to play by his own rules.  From thwarting Nazi operations to Hunting for Gold, he’s a Nathan Drake for the MCU. Who knows what sort of a role he might play?


Actor Delroy Lindo most recently starred on Blood and Oil and has been seen in in Malcom X, Up, Romeo Must Die, and Cider House Rules.  He’s a fantastic actor who brings a lot to every role he plays in. Welcome Mr. Lindo!

Marvel’s Most Wanted is the new ABC pilot coming from the Marvel Television team. It stars Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood as Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter.  Talk Questions and speculations in the comment section below folks. Excelsior!

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