New Enver Gjokaj Agent Carter Season 2 Interview

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Enver Gjokaj as Chief Daniel Sousa

Since last time we saw the members of the New York branch of the Strategic Scientific Reserve, there have been some changes. One of these changes includes Daniel Sousa (played by Enver Gjokaj) being promoted to Chief and sent to oversee the Los Angeles branch of the SSR. Before Peggy Carter even arrives to Los Angeles, Sousa has been at the LA branch of the SSR for six months. In the following interview, Gjokai speaks about what is different with Sousa this season from the first season and where Sousa is now, where Peggy Carter is coming from, the new power couple of Season 2 Whitney Frost and Calvin Chadwick, and the magic of the show.

On where we find his character at the start of the season:

On where we find “Peggy” this season:

On how his character is different this season:

On “Whitney Frost” and “Calvin Chadwick”

On the magic of “Marvel’s Agent Carter”:

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