Is Sharon Carter Connected to Agent Carter This Season?

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During the second season premiere of Agent Carter, viewers were introduced to Violet (played by Sarah Bolger), a blonde nurse from California who holds the heart of the SSR’s West Coast Bureau Chief Daniel Sousa. Some fans wondered if Violet is possibly “Dottie 2.0” but I believe that Violet holds a deeper (and much more innocent) connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is my theory that Violet is the grandmother of the future Sharon Carter.

Is this the face of a Black Widow?
Could this be Sharon Carter’s grandmother?

After watching Sousa meet Violet from the window (in “The Lady in the Lake”), Peggy meets Violet in person (in “A View in the Dark”) inside the lobby of the SSR before Sousa gets a chance to give the two women a formal introduction. Violet is jovial and says something very interesting: “Would you believe my grandfather’s from her [Peggy’s] hometown? She’s practically family.” Yes. Family. And family is one of the key themes this season. Eagle-eyed fans realized Peggy was wearing a Carter family crest necklace–and during premiere night, Michele Fazekas confirmed it:

Family is also mentioned by Peggy earlier in this episode too. In the scene where she joins Mr. Jarvis in his practice and flips him, she tells him: “I learned that one from my brother.” The brother comment, with the family comment from Violet, had me wondering if we’ll get to see her brother this season — Guess what: WE MIGHT GET TO SEE HER BROTHER IN 2.04. The Tudors actor Max Brown will be playing the part of a character named Michael Carter — I’m assuming Michael is Peggy’s brother. What’s interesting about Max Brown being from The Tudors is that a number of other MCU actors are also on that show, including Natalie Dormer, who played Private Lorraine in Captain America: The First Avenger, James Frain, who played Leet Brannis in season one of Agent Carter, and Sarah Bolger, who’s playing Sousa’s girlfriend Violet.

I like thinking about the Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD tagline “It’s All Connected”. How might this phrase relate to Agent Carter? One question came to mind: Where else have we seen someone play a nurse before? We’ve seen a nurse in Captain America: The Winter Soldier — Steve’s secret agent neighbor, Sharon Carter/Agent 13, played by actress Emily Vancamp. If Michael Carter is Peggy’s brother, and if he and Violet meet this season and fall in love, their children would keep the Carter last name. If their son had a daughter, named Sharon, then Peggy would be Sharon’s great Aunt, which we already know is true! Sarah Bolger also holds a striking resemblance to Emily Vancamp, which further supports this theory, so everything really is #itsallconnected.

Sharon Carter, playing nurse and saving Cap'.
Sharon Carter, playing nurse and saving Cap’.

Personally, I think this is a much stronger theory than Violet simply being another student of the Red Room. It would be refreshing for Peggy to get another girlfriend (two in the same premiere, this is outstanding!) and another member of her family. What are your thoughts about this theory? Is there a hint of things to come that I missed? What is your theory about how Violet might fit into the overall story? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @Jenniferrcarey.

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  1. And the cop in The Avengers is Souza’s grandson… for some awfully strange and unknown reason they look very similar…