The Uncanny X-men #1 “Magneto’s X-men”

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Uncanny X-men #1

Written By: Cullen Bunn

Art By: Greg Land

Release Date: 1/6/16

Remember when people thought that Marvel was trying to phase out the X-men from their universe, well this is the third team book for All-New, All-Different Marvel. So I think we can all agree that Marvel is still very involved with the X-men.

Plot Summary

Magneto recuits his own team of X-men. The Uncanny X-men now consists of Magneto, Psylocke, Sabertooth, Monet, and Archangel. Edgier characters that are hoping to find purpose.

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The team are trying to deal with mutants’ current threat, the Terrigen mist. Most of this issue is one big action scene with the team locating a group of fearful mutants placed in containment pods.


I have been enjoying both All New X-Men and Extraordinary X-Men, but I am not in love with either series. I’ve been a big X-men fan for a long time. So it’s weird for me not to be excited for any of the new titles. Especially because I feel all of these titles have potential and interesting rosters. Now this leads me into Uncanny X-men.

Out of all of the new X-Men titles this was the title I was least interested in, which bothered me because I should be excited about the X-Men’s flagship book.

The Uncanny X-men title is always at it’s best when there is a good roster and interesting relationships, and my biggest problem with Uncanny X-men #1 was that there was no interesting relationships. Instead the issue felt like one big action scene, which didn’t make me care about the characters.

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This book focused on the Terrigen mist plot, a story which has already been established in the other X-Men team titles. Of course it’s interesting to see what side Magneto and his team take on this situation, but I think that part of the story could have been tackled in the next issue.

A first issue should have a hook for new readers, and this issue didn’t tempt me to buy the next issue.


Land’s art has always been an acquired taste for me. I like him on certain books and not on others, but I think his best work is on the X-Men titles. That was proven for me with this issue.

I really enjoyed his action scenes and he shows character expression very well through their eyes.

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But a recurring complaint I have with Land’s style of artwork is his facial expressions. When Monet smiles, it’s haunting and I don’t think it’s suppose to be haunting. But the facial expressions were a bit better in this book compared to his work on Iron Man.


Uncanny X-Men has an interesting edgy group of characters, who sadly don’t show their chemistry in the first issue.

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