Agent Carter 2.07 Review: “Monsters”

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I know the title of this says ‘review’ but this agent has another mission she has to be on.  So, instead, I’m going to give you my Top 5 moments of the episode!  Be sure to let me know yours in the comments!

5.)  Vernon thinking he could make Dottie talk was… precious?  It was almost as interesting as seeing her sheer terror after Whitney interrogated her.  Seeing a genuinely upset Black Widow is a very rare occurrence, so it was certainly different.

4.)  The Jarvis’ are relationship goals, okay?  They make each other better while bringing the rest of us complete joy.  The Agent Carter writers are great at making us feel for a character we hardly know (Michael Carter, anyone?), which was illustrated once again when Ana was shot.  I know for a fact I wasn’t the only one screaming at my television screen.  Even if they hadn’t managed to make us fall in love with her so quickly, Jarvis’ despair in the hospital room was enough to send me into panic mode.

3.)  Peggy and Jarvis have made my top 5 nearly every episode this season, and tonight’s episode was no exception.  As a lady with a lot of guy friends, it’s so nice to see a depiction of a relationship that is completely platonic.  Their interaction in the car was a nice break from the love triangle focus in the beginning of the episode.  You know what shouldn’t exist, ever?  Love triangles.  Death to the love triangle 2k16.  Let’s replace it with more friendly bickering in a car on the way to a trap!  Yeah!

2.)  I love it when big shots don’t get their way, so I was all about Vernon deciding to engage in a stare down with Sousa.  Sorry Vern, not everyone in this world is as easily manipulated as Thomson.  Even though he got the final say by taking over the SSR, it didn’t take away from the joy of Sousa refusing to be swayed.

1.) Have I made it clear that I have a deep adoration for Ana Jarvis?  She is kind, and loving, hilarious and brave.  Even though she knew it wouldn’t end well for her, she ran straight into the line of fire to try to help Wilkes.  Her selflessness makes the bullet in her stomach even more terrible.


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