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Deadpool’s movie release date is Febuary 12th, 2016. It promises laughter, romance and X-men references. The plot deals with the origins of one of the Internet’s most popular anti-heroes who borders on the psychotic.  If you were to ask people about recognizable comic characters Deadpool almost always comes up in conversation.  Deadpool is a big gamble for both Marvel and 20th Century Fox, Deadpool is famously adult and famously bloodthirsty – or at least he operates in a pretty bloody comic book.  

Having tangled with everyone from Hawkeye (both Hawkeyes!) to Captain America, Deadpool is a comic book fan in the world of comics.  Hilarious, gross, offensive, but also fun.


Who is Deadpool however? What are his goals and aspirations? His dreams? Where did he come from? Let’s take a moment to explore Mr. Pool’s presence with a brief spotlight on “Deadpool” including some top comics to look for as far as Deadpool.


Created by writer Fabian Nicieza and Artist/Writer Rob Liefield, Deadpool began life in New Mutants #98.  When Mr. Liefield brought the character to Mr. Nicieza, it was noted that Deadpool as a killer with super agility and healing, bore a striking resemblance to DC comic’s Deathstroke.  He was given the name “Wade Wilson” as an inside joke and connection to Slade Wilson and thus deadpool was born. While DC comics’s Deathstroke is a super villain with a grim past and a dark history, Deadpool began life as a super villain but has since evolved into an anti-hero, proof that readership can change how creators view a relationship between a character and a story.  Hired initially to kill Cable and the New Mutants, deadpool eventually went on to have recurring roles in the Avengers, Daredevil, and Heroes for Hire.  This put him into contact with more than half of the Cinematic Universe’s top Heroes and Villains (including Luke Cage from the Heroes for Hire comic)


Deadpool’s career has led to him teaming up with hundreds of unique and quirky heroes and villains alike making him unique in the world of Marvel and the MCU. As writer Joe Kelly noted, “With Deadpool, we could do anything we wanted because everybody just expected the the book to be cancelled every five seconds so nobody was paying attention.  And we could get away with it.”

That devil-may care attitude resulted in a comic series with plenty of slapstick and a unique character in the world of comic books.  Deadpool’s done everything and his backstory  – that of a possibly sadistic Canadian has been shrouded in mystery.  It’s possible that Wade wilson doesn’t entirely know who Wade Wilson is, fitting given the serious nature and tone of Deathstroke.  Given his abilities by the Weapon X program, we can for sure say that he and Wolverine are compatriots. Somewhat fitting giving both of their attitudes about the world.  Traditionally in order for his ability to work his head must be reunited with his body, but he’s survived being crushed by the hulk and re-grown his head. So that might be mute.  Ironically one of the biggest superpowers he has is that he addresses the fourth wall on a regular basis.  Deadpool knows he’s fictional – which coupled with the fact that he can’t die makes him one of the most dangerous characters in Marvel’s roster.


Despite effectively being immortal, deadpool has died several times.  Currently married to Death, he’s earned the hatred of Thanos who called him “cursed…with life!”   He’s a trained assassin and mercenary, speaks multiple languages, and at one point possessed super human strength.  This was wiped, as that would make deadpool impossible for anyone to deal with.  Thankfully he’s completely insane, which makes him intriguing to read but renders many of his more practical skills null and void.  His final death (seemingly) was at the end of the secret wars timeline.  After discovering that everybody was going to die with him in his corner of the multiverse Deadpool was seemingly (at last) content.


He resurfaced later.  Nothing keeps Deadpool down – not even film as his soon to be released solo picture defied studio expectations to be the first R rated superhero film.  This has created a degree of controversy as the complete and utter lack of cohesive story lines for Deadpool has made him both an anti-hero and a hero, a popular character depicted on T-shirts and toys and liked by children.  Marvel is bringing him back to a more even keel (perhaps) thanks to him being offered membership in the Avengers Unity Squad as of the end of Secret Wars.


Or perhaps not. Love Deadpool or hate him the truth of the matter is that he can’t be killed – and isn’t going anywhere. From his deadpan sense of humor, to his fourth wall breaking, to the fact that he’s omnisexual as confirmed by his writer Gerry Dugan, Deadpool is a facet of our lives we can’t escape.  The best way to sum him up perhaps can come from Deadpool’s original creator, “Readers always want to make a character their own, and often that is to the exclusion of what a character might mean to other fans.  He is yours and everyone else’s.  So not dismissive, but rather the epitome of inclusive.”

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A perfect way to sum up this rather unique fan favorite character, proof that readers can affect their environment and that unrestrained creativity can lead to amazing and incredible things.  We salute you Deadpool.

Deadpool, the solo Wade Wilson film opens February 11th, 2016 in theaters worldwide.  Deadpool is rated R for scenes of graphic violence and language and depictions of an explicit nature.

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