Five (potential) Easter Eggs from Agents of Shield 3×11 Promo

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Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD returns March 8th, and within the last four episodes of Agent Carter they’ve provided us with a promo for their episode 3×11 entitled “Bouncing Back.” With special effects that are out of this world  and a cast list of proven stars playing the heroes and villains that we’ve all come to know and love, it looks like it’s going to be inhumanly good.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is ramping up to become the Secret Warriors, undergoing it’s own sort of terragenesis from a show about people without abilities into a show where people with abilities must try and fit in to a world that is struggling to understand them.  Here are five easter eggs that might directly refer to potential plot lines and stories that we could expect to see coming as the series discovers what it will become as it transforms. WARNING: HERE there are potential comic spoilers for Secret Warriors.

There’s more to that guy with the eyes then meets your eye:


While initial shots of that guy with the eyes seem to be confusing people and Hunter seems a bit surprised to see him (frozen in shock most like.) could the gentlemen in the Fidel Castro ensemble be the MCU’s version of “The Gorgon?”

The Gorgon, in the Secret Warrior’s comics was born Tomi Shishido, a member of a Mutant Death Cult who’s myriad abilities included the ability to turn anyone who he looked at directly to stone.    Given that we initially see Joey and the rest of SHIELD escorting him out of a prison like setting, is the Gorgon officially friend or foe?  While Agents of SHIELD has turned the tables on the original storyline, it feels like Hunter might beg to differ about the presence of the Gorgon in any positive fashion.  He’s a member of Hydra’s team that includes Strucker, The Hive and the Kraken.

Bear in mind that there are two versions of “Gorgon” in Marvel comics, but the member of the inhuman royal family Gorgon bears a striking resemblance to a large bull while this Gorgon – Hydra’s Gorgon can freeze individuals who displease him and turn them to stone.  Sorry Hunter.


YO-YO has sped in, and she looks amazing:


Yo-Yo Rodriguez is the child of a super villain who Nick Fury recruits to join the Secret Warriors team under Daisy Johnson.  Yo-Yo’s presence, and the casting of the beautiful Natalia Cordova has been a blessing and a sign that the show is looking to expand it’s canon by pulling directly from the source. Yo-Yo and Hunter will probably have quite a bit to agree upon regarding the Gorgon (canon wise Yo-Yo and the Gorgon have a pretty contentious relationship, thanks to him she might need a “hand” from Coulson to learn how to overcome a few things.)

Still, Yo-Yo’s a good friend of Daisy Johnson and it looks like she might have to work to earn that friendship if Mack’s surprise is genuine.  The MCU has suffered from the lack of a speedster, and while Barry Allen is very safe on his Flash throne, Yo-Yo’s unique ability will present a challenge and a fascinating addition to Daisy’s future team!



Love Ward, Hate Ward, the only universal truth in the Marvel Universe on any plane of existence is that only Uncle Ben stays dead and SHIELD’s resident bad boy is no exception.  Having fully joined the darkside of the force at last, it doesn’t seem to be agreeing with him. The SHIELD writers have been coy about the presence of the “Thing under ward’s skin” and given the healing factor it would appear as if Ward will be joining Hydra’s team as the Hive, but what could that entail?

The Hive, for those who might not know, is a parasitic collection of organisms originally created by HYDRA to demonstrate HYDRA’s ideals.  Comic-wise he’s a squirming tentacled monster that could give Disney’s Davy Jones a run for his money.  While Ward doesn’t seem to be sporting any tentacles yet, the ideal host for the hive comic-wise is living. Will that remain true?  Will the hive have a personality or be able to be understood? In the comics he spoke in a secret inhuman language that only Strucker and his upper henchmen could understand.  Given that this inhuman has been studying other humans that doesn’t seem to be the case – but –  Only time will tell.



Eagle eyed fans have spotted that the man Lincoln seems intent on taking out is Carl Creel, and it was confirmed that mysterious absorbing man is in fact, Carl Creel himself according to screencrush. “It’s unclear if he will be friend or foe to the SHIELD team.” screencrush reported.  In the comics, Creel has a son who joins Daisy’s Secret Warriors Team named Jerry Slade. Slade has a relationship with Yo-Yo Rodriguez and while Creel might not be as good as his potential son, recruiting the children of powered individuals is a key component of the secret warriors storyline.


With the introduction of Yo-Yo and the addition of Creel could we see sparks potentially fly between the two? Will Comic Art mimic movie life? Only time will tell.



There’s no real point to this beyond noting that May and Hunter both seem like they’re going under cover at Disneyland’s tower of terror.  Given that Malick appears to be attending a conference at a pretty expensive hotel (Baron Strucker bit the big one in Age of Ultron so it looks like Gideon Malick is playing the new role of Baron Strucker on Hydra’s base.) it seems like Coulson has an eye on what Hydra’s doing.  Which means that May and Hunter both are…checking in?


Either way the season seems to promise a lot of fun, and with the potential of a lot of these new characters a lot of heartache.  Excited to check in? Worried about the threat of HYDRA? Sound off in the comments below Agents!




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