Guardians of the Galaxy 1.11 Review: Space Cowboys

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Original Air Date: February 21 2016


Yeehaw! We are finally back after a bit of a hiatus, I honestly don’t remember how long it’s been. Let’s just say life’s been a bit crazy and I almost forgot that this was coming back. But I’m glad it is. So here we areGuardians of the Galaxy Episode 11: Space Cowboy. Which is also a reference to the Steve Miller Band song The Joker. “Some people call me the Space Cowboy.” Anyways I hope you enjoyed the episode as much as I did.

Some call me the gangster of love.


So to start things off the group is arguing over having to do something so Inhumane and disgusting and borderline indecent… Wait Drax just cooked a meal. It can’t be that bad can it? Turns out it was Drax’s wife’s recipe but the day is saved when the Milano is attacked by empty space?? Once again the episode starts in the most Guardians way it can.

Still not a good thing Pete…

Turns out they flew into a part of space that’s really dense and actually crushes ships. We see an “asteroid” field of what looks to be crushed Nova Corps ships which definitely isn’t good as the Milano starts being crushed as well.

Too soon…

So it turns out to be a gravity storm. And it turns out to be a favorite hangout spot of Gamora’s sis Nebula. Not surprised at all honestly. The team heads out of the cockpit minus Rocket who can fit and Star-Lord orders Drax to “Jettison the food” because reasons.

Ejecting his cooking gave the team enough push to well, not eat it.

Turns out that the next clue to the Cosmic Seed is actually at the other end of the gravity storm and would honestly take more than the rest of this season to get there unless they used whatever Nebula used, which is conveniently back at our favorite disembodied cosmic head. And once more we meet my favorite character in this entire series Cosmo the Spacedog.

Don’t need tobe so serious about it. Geeze.

Oh and Benicio Del Toro, I mean The Collector returns too being the only person that has what the team needs thanks to some Psychic Snooping, coolest term ever, done by Cosmo. So The Collector makes a bargain. Do this small task and he’ll loan the generator to them. Only issue is the task deals with Moombas. Probably one of the grossest creatures in the Galaxy. At least according to Star-Lord. And here we get a bit more on Drax as he was attacked by a herd of them as a young kid sort of causing a bit of a fear of them.

So glad it wasn’t space snakes.

So Star-Lord agrees to take the Moombas to the Collector’s brother, who we find out is the Grandmaster of Conjunction. Oh boy. That must be one interesting family reunion. And the Collector gives them one last bit of parting knowledge about what to feed them.

So they’re space gremlins then? So I shouldn’t get them wet?

So off they go and now Star-Lord has a cowboy hat… Ok. Oh and Nova Corps shows up. And the Moombas escaped the ship to then create a portal. Which is a thing I guess. Drax has a serious grudge against the Moombas and Star-Lord just randomly pulls out a stringed instrument because it came with the hat. And he starts singing. Oh no…

Odd part is they both are out of tune.

There is a lot of bodily functions that happen in this episode, more so than the usual for this show. And the Moombas are apparently strapped to bombs that explode if they ingest any protein source. Turns out The Collector was trying to blow his brother up. Rude. Oh and Yondu decides to show up as well to take the Moombas back to the Collector. Star-Lord goes along to stop Yondu and leaves his hat in the process.

Yelling at your nemesis won’t get you any closer to your goal Drax.

Drax, now wearing the cowboy hat, has to keep the lone Moomba safe while the others go figure out how to make the explodies go away. Yes I just made that word up. They cured him. And now are going to use him to go to Knowhere. But not before Drax, still wearing the Cowboy hat attempts to ride the Moomba.

The moment of truth.

Groot, now sporting a nifty leafy hairdo that holds the cure to the explodies, and Rocket go to save the Moombas. Gamora saves Star-Lord and Cosmo joins in and helps. The Nova Corps shows up again and they all too quickly give up The Collector. Yondu and the Ravagers take their leave while the explosive spit hits the Nova Corps.

Hey um the 70’s called and they want the hair back Groot.

Drax and his new Moomba pals help the team get through the gravity storm from earlier. No Cosmic Seed, as usual, but the Moombas found a new home. Drax has a sad goodbye to his new friends but is once more eager to cook for the team as Gamora Star-Lord and Rocket all try to get out of it.

It’s ok Drax, they’re happier this way.
The rest of your team, however, not so sure.

Final Thoughts:

What a way to come back from a hiatus. Seriously Drax stole the spotlight this time around and I’m glad he did. The amount of character development he had was amazing. Him overcoming his childhood fear adds a lot to his character. That and now he is a Space Cowboy. Sorry Quill. This is what I was expecting from the series from the get go and now I hope they keep it up because it was just a fun ride from start to finish. Anyways I hope you all enjoyed it too and see you next week for some more goofy galactic shenanigans!

Guardians of the Galaxy airs Sundays only on Disney XD

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