Guardians of the Galaxy Series Gets Star-Lord’s Dad

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Finally after a bit of a wait we finally get Star-Lord’s dad, well at least in the animated series. Staying true to the comics it has been revealed, thanks to, that Quill’s father will be J’son also known as the king of Spartax. Earlier in the series we found out that Star-Lord was half Spartax leading many to draw the conclusion that his father would be the same as in the comics.

J'Son Guardians
Image Courtesy of USA Today

And who is going to voice such a role? Well thanks to USA Today we now know that the role will be voiced by none other than Jonathan Frakes of Star Trek fame. Trekkies will easily recognize the name as the man who played Commander William Riker on Star Trek: The Next Generation. J’son will show up during the first part of a story where Star-Lord will have gone missing during a mission on Spartax.

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Image courtesy of Comic Book Resources

But this will not be the same in the MCU as James Gunn has said that J’son won’t be Quill’s father in the movies despite the animated series taking after the original movie.

Frakes will make his Guardians of the Galaxy debut on March 13

Guardians of the Galaxy airs Sundays only on Disney XD

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