Hasbro Debuts New 12″ Marvel Legends Figures

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Hasbro Marvel Legends

Hasbro has announced a welcome addition to their popular 6″ Marvel Legends figure line with bigger and better 12″ figures.  Due to release this Fall, just a few months after Captain America:  Civil War hits theaters, the first two figures shown are Captain America and Iron Man.

I myself collect Marvel figures, from $2 fake Legos to $400 Hot Toys figures and statues worth nearly $1,000.  I’m not a huge fan of the little 3.75″ figures, but the 6″ Legends figures are very good quality for the size and price (typically $20-30).  Personally I’m extremely excited about this line.  If they’re of the same quality as the 6″ Legends line, as the photos indicate, I’ll be gobbling these up like Pac Man.

The figures look very well done and even come with swappable heads and hands which will give collectors a much wider range of poses.  And while the aforementioned Hot Toys figures (also 12″) are clearly superior, Hot Toys also start at $200 and go up from there.  A diecast Iron Man Hot Toys figure will set you back neasrly $400.  The 12″ Marvel Legends line from Hasbro is expected to only run about $50, making it appeal to a much broader audience.

With a Fall release, I can see a lot of these figures sitting under Christmas trees this year (for both young and old).

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