Marvelous Projects: Spotlight on “Trust No One”

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The world of Marvel is always growing, changing ,expanding and stretching and it’s actors become more than just coworkers, they become a family. However outside the world of Marvel they’re still actors, actresses, and people trying to work in a business that’s like a river – always going and never stopping which means that as real Marvel fans, we should take the time to remember their contributions to our countless hours of entertainment and joy right? Right! That means supporting them in their other projects right? Absolutely!


What follows is the first note of a monthly column tracking projects for Marvel’s actors from plays to kickstarters to new information.  While each one of them is regularly cast in new things, we’ll be picking one focus each month to draw the eye – and this month due to it’s time sensitive nature is Simon Kassianides’s kickstarter for his new action thriller film “Trust No One.”

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Trust No One comes complete with the following synopsis: ‘Trust No One’ is a film that sits squarely in the action thriller genre. Seemingly ordinary ‘Ben’ and ‘Amber’ have highly sensitive and very much sought after information in their possession. Information that has had them running for their lives. We’re introduced to them right before an exchange that promises to provide them with a lot of money but more importantly – their freedom.



Not only does the premise sound incredibly exciting but the film stars Hydra’s bad boy Bakshi, aka Simon Kassianides as “Ben” as well as Brett Dalton as “Victor”. There’s a major female lead rumored to participate as well as many other cameos.  It sounds super exciting!


 In addition to the two of them, Mr. Kassianides has also recruited a number of other behind the scenes cast members like Wendi lynn Avignone  who will be heading up their make-up department and Ann Foley  who will be designing their costumes.  Mr. Kassianides has stated that the goal is to bring the action hero into a more relatable sphere of influence, and it sounds as if the cast is developing into a family right out of the gate which should make that a lot easier.

Given that each one of the people already involved has been trusted by Marvel to put out a quality product (and their products are quality) it stands to reason that they’d lend incredible talent and skill to any project that they’d join and given that this is independent film at it’s finest you can already tell that Trust No One will be more than just a project.  It’s already become a labor of love with quite a bit of support coming from Brett’s fantastic fans at and Simon’s backers.  

The project has already garnered attention from IGN’s Terri Schwartz and a number of other independent news sources thanks to the efforts of numerous dedicated fans.  Celebrating a cast that’s already becoming a family and a unique way of storytelling, Trust No One sounds like it’ll be the talked about indie film of the summer. Amazing!

Trust No One is  predicted to reach 100% funding according to Kickstart Tracker as reported by, this is  your opportunity to be a part of a fantastic action thriller from the ground up built by people you trust with your favorite Marvel characters.   These types of projects are common in Hollywood, but they can’t succeed without the support of fans (or viewers) like you. Do Simon a favor and help make his dream come true. Think you’re up to the challenge?  There are multiple rewards available.  Let’s band together to make this dream a reality for these fantastic guys! Sound like fun? You can learn more about this kickstarter Here!

You can follow the following individuals on twitter for more updates:

Simon Kassianides (@simonkass) – stars as ben

Brett Dalton (@ImBrettDalton) – stars as Victor

Ann Foley (@afoley24) – Costume Designer

Wendi Lynn (@wendilynnmakeup) – Make up department!

Be sure to follow @BrettDaltonOrg on twitter for continuous up-to-date information on the project. Excelsior!

Stay tuned to the “Marvelous Projects” Headline for more updates about what your favorite actors and creators are doing outside of the Cinematic and Comic Universes. Also – Just in case, Here’s the link to the kickstarter if you missed it. 


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