Spider-Man #1 “New Spider-Man, Same Miles?”

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Spider-Man #1

Written By: Brian Michael Bendis

Art By: Sara Pichelli

Release Date: 2/3/16

I’ve been following Miles Morales’ story since his first appearance in Ultimate Fallout #4 and it’s been great to see his journey over the past couple of years. Especially, now that we are entering a new chapter in Miles’ superhero career.

Plot Summary

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This issue introduces Miles into Earth Prime, exploring his life as Miles Morales and as Spider-Man. In his civvies life, Miles Morales is having romantic and school troubles. As Spider-Man he faces Blackheart, the son of Mephisto.


Spider-Man was one of my most anticipated series for All-New, All Different Marvel. I was a huge fan of Miles’ time in Ultimate Spider-Man and Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man. In this new Spider-Man book I wondered how his move to Earth Prime would change his story, and after reading the first issue I felt there was something missing. Miles just didn’t feel like Miles.

Now of course there are few status quo changes in this series. Miles’ mother is alive and Miles is now part of the Earth Prime universe. In my opinion, these changes could have been explored better in this first issue. The issue never talks about adjusting to this new universe. It just seems like Miles is going through the motions. It didn’t feel like he just lost his home.

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The return of Miles’ mother was the big shocking moment in the conclusion of Ultimate End. This is a plot line only touched upon in this issue, and it doesn’t seem like she remembers that Miles is Spider-Man. I was a bit disappointed with this because in the original series I loved that Miles’ mother knew he was Spider-Man the whole time. The scene where Miles’ mother reveals this to Miles is one of the most powerful and touching moments in Miles’ story.

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But my biggest problem with this issue was that Miles felt out of character. The opener made it seem like Miles is a ladies man, where in the old series Miles never had that personality. There was one panel that made it seem like Miles liked being a hero because of the attention he received while saving the world. Miles being out of character is weird because Bendis is still writing this series. I know it’s a different universe, but this isn’t a different Miles.

The positives from this issue was Miles friendship with Ganke, even though Miles was out of character I felt their friendship was the thing that was most familiar in this book. It was also nice that there was a reference to some other ultimate universe heroes, like Bombshell. Miles’ supporting cast was one of my favorite aspects about Ultimate Spider-Man, and hopefully we see more of his supporting cast show up in Spider-Man.


I am usually a fan of Pichelli’s artwork, but just like the story something felt off in the art style. This was especially evident with scenes that showed Miles out of costume. Miles’ facial features looked different from what he looked like in Ultimate Spider-Man, and some of the facial expressions he made in this issue were a bit weird.

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Other than my problems with Miles, the art was pretty good. I liked the art style when Miles was in costume. The action scenes were well done.


I was a bit disappointed with Spider-Man #1, but the series has potential to improve.

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