The Biggest Deadpool Easter Egg

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deadpool easter egg

Some friends and I were just talking yesterday on Facebook about a particular BIG Easter egg in the Deadpool movie.  When I first saw the movie, I thought to myself “Is that….?  No way.  It can’t be”. I was sure I was losing my  mind but apparently several of my friends thought the same thing.

Tonight in an interview with io9Deadpool concept artist Emmanuel Shiu said that

…he was asked to redesign the helicarrier so it looked as different as possible from the one in The Avengers.  And it had to look like it had been taken apart in some places.

deadpool movie easter egg

I was right that was a helicarrier!  This adds even more fun to the post-credit scene where Deadpool asks “What were you expecting, Sam Jackson in an eyepatch?”  LOL!

Several of my friends thought it was a regular aircraft carrier, so I guess they did a good enough job of disguising it so as to not get in trouble with Marvel.

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